Sunday, January 31, 2010

Earlier Valentine Memories: Join in the journey

When I was in grade school, I remember being given red construction paper, lace doilies, glue and a shoe box. No specific instructions, except to have fun making a valentine's mailbox for my desk. Cutting that stiff red paper and shaping it around the lid and box was not as much fun as gluing on those paper, heart-shaped doilies. By the end of the activity, our class was abuzz with the excitement of the upcoming silly holiday.

Everyone would get a card and so that meant you had to sign your name over twenty times. Pacing yourself during this activity was the wise way to go. Write a few cards and nibble on a candy. By the end of the time, cards would be finished and your supply of "sharing candy" sampled for quality.

Candy message hearts tasted like hard toothpaste, but it was fun sharing them with friends. Back then, the messages were simple, not like now with technology finding its way onto those sugary messages with things like LOL, JK and BFF.

Finally, on the fourteenth, cards were distributed into the fancy shoe boxes on our desks and party food was served. Opening cards, while eating cupcakes and drinking punch always seemed to work, until someone would spill their punch and make a huge mess. It wouldn't be an elementary party without someone spilling their drink, now would it?

Going home with the card-stuffed box, was always double fun, because my mom would read each card and I would tell her about the person. I got to enjoy the holiday a little longer with the person who loved me first.

Happy Valentines' Day to everyone and all you love.

FUN FERRET FACTS: When considering a ferret for a pet, it's best to get two ferrets. They need the company. Before you settle on the gender, know that it doesn't matter if you get male or female, but make sure that they are neutered first. Leave the reproduction to the experts.


  1. Love reading your memories. Sorry I don't really have anything to share, as Valentine's is not one of my favorite holidays. But I hope you and yours have a wonderful day, and your daughter and son-in-law have a beautiful anniversary.

  2. It hasn't always been a favorite of me or my daughter, so it is quite ironic that we turned it into a very special day. Throughout her teenage years, she was disappointed, because she didn't have a beau like so many others did. So, when the time came to set a date, it worked out that the 14th was the best time to book the hall (half the cost on a Wednesday) and everything else just fell into place. It was really fun to do the decorations, because it was SO easy.

    Sweet childhood memories and now the wedding memories are why we like this holiday. Sort of makes up for the lousy years.