Sunday, January 10, 2010


We want to make sure that the young people don't use the local paper as a guide of proper English usage. In an article today, the first line of the article had a perfect example of "Homophones Gone Wild". The writer substituted the word queue for the word cue. He really wasn't writing about a Chinese man's hairstyle or people waiting in line; what he meant was cue. A commenter pointed out the error and within five minutes the online article was corrected and the comment section was closed (with the correction eliminated.) Such fragile egos of some writers. When a mistake is made, instead of correcting the error and learning a lesson, the writers get their dander up and take revenge. I am surprised that the poor commenter was allowed to stay on the website after writing a comment that pointed out the error. Oh, the print edition has the same mistake. Wonder how many subscribers are shaking their heads about the quality control that is lacking at the paper's office.


  1. We are talking about the sme newspaper that has been pushing their credibility agenda, right?

    I am firmly convinced that Gabe is even more fragile than Cobler regarding ego. What a wuss!!!

  2. Oh, and I guess that they forgot to change the little "teaser" on the page before the article, because they forgot to change to "cue".

    Think that I should take them a cue stick tomorrow??? If my hair was long I would braid it and wait in line with my cue stick and wait until someone cued me that it was okay to enter the fantasy Egoland of The Advocate.

    Forgot to add that the reason that Homophones are something that might be uncomfortable for Gabe and Kenny is that even Non-Homosexuals can use Homophones without fear of converting from the manly men that they are.

  3. I thought that something was amiss in the article. I was wondering if something was ready to be printed and was in the queue?
    I am surprised that Kenny Boy wasn't nominated for Most Fascinating Person like Pepper.

  4. Thank you, Pat, for reading and commenting on my blog. I appreciate intelligent people and look forward to your views.

    Yes, before you get upset, Edith, you know that this little Ferret appreciates all your support and insights. Your friendship is valued, because I know I can count on you.

  5. And me! ME! ME! You can always count on me, your gentle Southern blossom, to have your back!!

    Er...uh...let me rephrase that, since I know some homophobes (or is that homophones? NAH.) may be reading. If your mind is dirty, Kenny, then it cannot be pure, much as you would like to believe it is, you salt-of-the-Earth guy, you. And your bride you spoke of? Now it appears that you LIED about that? Doesn't your Jesus frown upon liars? You might just get ejected from that fringe cult you belong to if you keep it up, Kenny.

    Oh, you mean the article didn't mention that fringe cult? That brain-washing church he belongs to? It didn't mention his hatefulness and his homophobia and his intolerance and his bigotry? Oh, well, then SOMEONE should mention these things in the spirit of fair and balanced news.

    And there you go. THE REST OF THE STORY.

  6. Sugar, you are not forgotten, but my ploy worked. I wanted you to comment (as I relish your humor), so I left you out in my earlier comment to Edith. Ah, ah, my plan was successful.

    I do appreciate ALL the support I receive here and other places. Your friendship is valued. Nothing like having a little Sugar to sweeten the day. (Can you imagine what Kenny will do with that sentence? No, wait he probably doesn't read, since it doesn't sing his praises.)

    Think that I will have a slice of pecan pie for lunch today in honor of everything "Kenny". I will make sure that the pecans are not from around here, however, since I don't want to taste the
    dog-poop that is used to fertilize SOME trees. (Not naming names, or anything.)