Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Scary Driving: Even Scarier Newspaper Practices

Today in the local paper there is an article, along with a photo about an accident that occurred because a driver broke one of the first rules of driving safely: Traffic Lights need to be obeyed. The young lady ran a red light and slammed into another vehicle. Minor injuries were sustained by the two involved in the collision, which was a miracle that the injuries weren't that serious.

The actual scariest part of this accident is the way that the moderator of the web-site took it upon themselves (himself or herself) to delete any comments that were thought to be offensive and break policy rules. A warning (more like a threat) was added that if the posters didn't follow the rules, the thread would be shut down. Let me just add here, that before the comments were deleted I got a chance to read them. There was some discussion that the girl should have paid attention to the traffic light and another poster stated that the girl driver was concentrating on other matters. You get my drift.

Then for a teeny-weeny minute a poster came back and asked for an apology and to have the previously deleted comment put back up, or a reasonable explanation as to why the comment was deleted. I said "teeny-weeny minute" because before I could say Jack Robinson, that comment was gone and not a trace left behind. It seems that the posters on The Advocate have found themselves walking in a desert of quicksand, because the ground can disappear right from under their feet. Hope they have life lines that will rescue them from that unstable situation.


  1. Don't understand why it's been taking so long for my blogs to show up in the list. Hey, are there Victoria Advocate workers here, too? That thought just gave me the shivers.