Friday, January 18, 2013

No Way Could I Balance Without Help

Since I started this journey with the Grandlove and his Leukodystrophy, I have learned that it's okay to lean on others when the my world gets a little shaky.  My mom raised me to be independent, but let me tell you, without others I would have literally crashed many times.  I don't always need a hand, but when I do, I can reach down and one will be there to steady me and mine.   What is even more incredible is that sometimes I don't even know that I am on shaky territory as soon as those in my life realize that I need a bit of assistance.  No one can take away my fears, sadness or anger, but they can make sure that those feelings do not become the focus of my life.  Keeping me in balance can be a very tiring responsibility. so I am thankful that that duty is shared by many.  My family, friends, hospice workers, and facebook friends all supply me with the stability that Leukodystrophy tries to shake loose.  Thank you for all the care and support I receive.  Without you all, this would be an impossible journey, especially on the unicycle that all Leukodystrophy families ride.