Saturday, October 10, 2009

Little J has gone "Down, Down, Down, in a ring of fire."

This weekend started off slowly and quietly, until I began to read the Advocate on line and discovered that FINALLY a certain poster has been banned--BIG J is nowhere to be found. So to use one of my favorite song, "down, down, down in a ring of fire" the little letter is gone from the site.


To celebrate this fact, I suggest that readers all go to the Town Hall meeting with a name tag decorated with miniature ropes and soccer balls. You know he was afraid of being hanged by soccer Moms, so it would be only appropriate to acknowlege him in this fashion. If you really want to finish off the look, you could also wear a big western hat and serape (much like Clint Eastwood in his spaghetti westerns.) A sign or two with the slogan, "High 'Em High" would not be out of place.

There are still some posters on the Advocate who are a plague on the intellectual, so the fight against this "brain drain" isn't over by any means. But as I sign off, the song has changed to, "Another one bites the dust, uh, uh." Funny how the soundtrack to my life always comes up with a ditty or two for the occassion.

Monday, October 5, 2009

And another one bites the dust...

Well, I was enjoying the intelligent posts from Innocent on the Advocate website and now that poster is no more. I see that little j has his way again, because this poster called a spade a spade...little j a poser and nothing but a bag of hot air.

Bye, Bye, Innocent. Your stay wasn't long, but you got some good comments out there. If you don't sign off or log off, you can still post on the comment site, but it won't show on the topic. Another poster who was banned figured that out. It just take figuring out in a limited amount of space how to state your ideas.

I want to bet that I won't be long on the site, but I will try to stay as long as possible and take along any ideas you all want to throw out there.

You know where to find me.

Here's to the truth and all of us ferrets!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Where logic isn't welcome--The Victoria Advocate

I try to post logically on the Advocate and my comments are zapped as soon as I finish typing. It's almost like they have little j there at the delete button to delete my comment, before anyone can read it. Wow, pretty soon, I can feel it in the air, I too will be banned. For sometime now I haven't commented about/to little j and my comments "stick" and when I challenge him I get zapped.

Logic seems to be the key factor here. If I steer clear of logic and commenting about/to little j I am safe, I suppose. It's just so darn difficult to leave that alone, though. I really try, but gosh darn it, my fingers get the better of me and off they go. Thank goodness there are posters here who understand the frustrations I feel.