Thursday, January 28, 2010

WHAT'S IMPORTANT: Life can change your mind

This week my family has had to deal with some serious information concerning some friends who are closer in our hearts than our birth relatives. These friends are in a fierce battle against a vicious killer. Chemo and radiation have tried their hardest to eliminate the out of control mutant cells. Our friend has been in this battle for over four years and throughout this time there have been encouraging news and just as many set-backs. Now, the latest reports have come in and the medical treatment is so difficult and painful with no guarantee of positive outcomes. We stand ready to aid in whatever small way that could be needed by either of our friends. They promise to let us know if there comes anything that could we could do to ease their difficult time. Prayers are said and we hug each other while we wait out this storm.

You might wonder why I posted this picture of my sweet little joy, on a blog about a friend's struggle for her life. The answer is simple. Our friends' journey has made us appreciate all of life's joys and diminish life's daily struggles.

Not enough money and too many bills? Oh, well, it'll work out.
Not enough support at work and more conflicts daily? Oh, well, it'll work out.
Roof leaks and needs to be replaced and not enough available funds? Oh, well, it'll work out.

We kiss the baby's sweet feet and realize that this day, this moment is a most precious gift and monetary concerns are not as important as this day with the people we love so very much. I truly am not Pollyanna and I am not playing "The Glad Game" here. I have just been given the gift of clarity of what is important to me and mine. Our family is well and therefore every hurdle we encounter can be managed, some how, some way.


  1. I wish the best for your friend and hope that everything "works out".

    I believe that a shift in perception comes naturally for most people with age. Your priorities get shuffled, and the major becomes less important, and one begins paying attention to the minutae of day-to-day life, never wanting to take anything for granted. Enjoy your charmer. He will ease the bumps in the road.

  2. I join Sugar Magnolia in wishing your friend the best.

    I think as we get older, our personal experiences work together in a way that allows us to better identify priorities and to know what is truly important. At least it is that way for me.

    Yes, bumps in the road do not have to be roadblocks.

  3. Thanks you guys. Hubby talked to her hubby this evening and she's not up to company and going back to the doctor Monday. Right now she is trying to recoop from the horrible treatment experience this week. Really a brave, honorable, sweet soul.