Monday, January 11, 2010

MANNERS: Using them doesn't hurt, honest.

My mom taught me that when someone helped you out, in whatever form, it is polite to recognize the act and say, "Thank you".

It seems that the lesson in manners has been lost on some in charge at the local newspaper. When they used the wrong word and a poster let them know, the comment section was closed. A simple reply from the staff and a small, "Thanks for spotting the goof. Too bad, the paper is already printed. We will fix the online copy, though and keep letting us know when you catch another snafu" would have given the paper what it continuously cries for, credibility. Closing the comment section and deleting all the comments under the related pictures came across as a tantrum. This left the rest of us out of the comments for Kenneth's article.

Thanks alot, Patient Earth, now no one else gets to comment on that story or pictures. And just so you know, that last sentence wasn't a real sign of appreciation. Patient Earth, play nice, because there are others who had thoughts they wanted to post, too.


  1. Don't be too hard on Patient Earth. I have a feeling Patient means well, and committed no real faux pas. It's just that the trigger finger at the VicAd has gotten so touchy lately that it has become an obsession for those behind the scenes to delete any post that hurts their feelings, points out any error the VicAd has made, or reveals the ignorance and incompetence that has run amok at said paper.

    But to ban posting on the article altogether because ONE post offended? Even though, with all angles examined, said post did NOT violate their "usage guidelines"? Wow, that really is beyond the pale. I have taken the time today to actually read some posts, articles, and blogs, and let me tell you that the number of posts deleted by staff (not by the user) is unbelievable. The delete button seems to have a mind of its own lately, and heaven help the poster that gets in its way.

    So, Ferret, I wouldn't blame Patient Earth. I DO blame the VicAd. But of course, that's a subject for another day...

  2. Okay, I'm calmer now, Sugar, 'cause I really wanted to post on Kenneth's article and there wasn't any place to do so. You'd think that if they devoted so much time and energy to the article on Kenneth, they would want some feedback. Guess not, so thank goodness for Edith Ann's blog.

    I think that I figured out the trigger for the delete button at the paper. The button has a sensor and whenever it detets someone with an triple digit IQ, the comment is deleted. No other explanation is possible, I'm sure. Triple digit IQ's will trigger the sensor on the delete button.

    Sugar, how come you are still able to post? I think your sweetness has thrown the censors off balance. Your mental abilities are underestimated, because Southern drawls make the men stop thinking with the brain between their ears.

    Keep up the good work and keep dripping that magnolia juice all over the paper. You have become an endangered poster on the paper. A delightful, intelligent poster is becoming a rare site, in deed.

  3. Why, Ferret, I am truly blushing! I learned long ago that with just the right touch of honey, a gal can get just about anything she desires.

    WHO underestimated my mental abilities? I do pity the poor soul.

    My entire intention is to keep folks guessing. It's more fun that way.

  4. Wow. I don't know if this is karma, but the little "captcha" I had to type in just now was one letter away from "overkill", I kid you not.

    What a way to start the day.

  5. Ferret and Sugar—

    Here is the scoop, straight from the horse’s ass, so to speak. A fan that knows I love all things Advocate shared this email exchange with me…

    Fan: “Additionally, what is the reason that no comments were allowed on the Kenneth Schustereit story?”

    Cobler: “On the story about Mr. Schusteriet, our policy is to not allow personal attacks on the subjects of our stories. The first comment posted was such an attack. After we disabled comments on the story, the motivated poster found the photos and posted attacks there.”

    What he didn’t say is, “We can’t handle Gave when anyone says anything critical about his work, so we’re not going to let anyone say anything bad about our Golden Boy.”

    You know Gave was sitting there on button duty thinking, “First comment that hurts my feelings, and I’m shutting this bitch down!”

    I personally think that is just part of the answer. I am about 99% certain that Gave is wrangling for some kind of pat-yourself-on-the-back-award-from-some-kind-of-‘everyone-who-plays-gets-a-trophy’ organization, and there could not be any negative remarks attached to this story. This was a ‘Feature’ story after all. When those folks who vote on the submissions go to look at work product, there is no way Gave could win if we were able to HONESTLY comment, could he?

    But here is the fallacy in their thinking (like I really need to point this out, right?)—by not letting us comment at all, they have denied those folks who truly love and appreciate Kenneth and Gave, et al, the ability to sing their praises. Certainly a case of ‘Be careful of what you wish for; you just might get it’. They’re getting it, and with regularity.

    Just my biased opinion, of course…

  6. Oh, yeah, and "You're Welcomed!", Advocate. It's my pleasure to edit your work. Don't mention it! Anytime. Seriously, I don't mind. I'd like to think I am doing my part to keep this paper going.

  7. And the hits coming, that is the "delete" button hits. Today the "sacred cow" story is the one about the girl who ran a red light and hit another vehicle.

    Look at that thread. Unbelievable!! The threat of closing the thread and then comments keep disappearing from the site, without rhyme or reason. Oh, excuse me, The Advocate and "Reason" don't go together any better than my dog and the pesky squirrels in our yard. I appreciate the squirrels, because they keep my dog alert and make him do his job of protection. Guess the paper doesn't like to be reminded that they aren't doing a very good job of being the information center of the Crossroads Region.

  8. Edith Ann, I was thinking the same thing. There are likely many people who would give Kenneth kudos and "atta boys" if they could. But now they can't.

    Follow me here as I think loosely, very loosely, but just let your imagination flow with mine....

    Once upon a time, suppose the VicAd, one of these ol' fine days, got hauled into court as a final test on the little ol' first amendment. You remember that little first amendment, don't you? With the internet running rampant these days I don't think we've seen even the beginnings of attacks against it, with newspapers such as the VicAd pushing the limits and very possibly crossing that line against the freedoms allowed by that old document, the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. Okay, so say they are in a court setting, and since the VicAd has constant delusions of grandeur, let's imagine BIG and go all the way to the Supreme Court. What could be bigger? Hey, if the VicAd can dream, so can I.

    Well, here they are, in front of Chief Justice John Roberts and Company, and they are to be the example for the land as their whiney case is heard. Do you imagine the forensics involved?

    What? Forensics, you say? Ahhhh.....right up my alley here. Let me explain. I am talking computer forensics, as in: even when you think you have erased all traces of evidence, in cyberspace, and in one's computer hard drive, nothing is ever really lost. It is all still there. Every unjustly deleted post, every exchange with every poster, EVERY LAST BIT. IT IS ALL STILL THERE. So deny as they might, the evidence will always speak in the end. And so people all over the fair land rejoice as the first amendment is once again tested and stands the test. People may post and speak their minds, as the Supreme rule of law upholds the first amendment for good and BANS news publications from going against their own usage guidelines. No longer will posts that do not violate such guidelines be allowed to be deleted.

    And there was peace once again, and everybody (well, maybe not Scooby-Doo Semenza and company) lived happily ever after. isn't that better. Don't think it can't happen. The VicAd seems to think they can do whatever they want without repercussions. I would urge them to think again.

    The eyes of forensic scientists are on them.

  9. Well dang! I coulda made a blog out of that long-winded post. Sorry for taking up so much of your space, sweet little Ferret.

  10. You're quite welcome, Sugar. Take your sweet self over to my latest addition and see the unbelievable injustices dealt by the rag today.

  11. i guess the 1st amendment is not as important as some poor man's feelings. geez when i get upset i put on my big girl pants and get over it. i guess the writers of the vic-ad didn't take grammar in school like i did where we learned the many uses of the red pencil. the nuns had us circle our spelling and grammatical mistakes...maybe the vic-ad needs some nun's on their payroll. a ruler slap to the hand may come in handy!