Friday, January 22, 2010

Delusional People: Believing their own Lies

This blog is dedicated to the delusional people who have grandiose ideas of their own abilities and achievements. Actually, I am putting this blog out there for one specific person, so he can keep his lies off of Edith's blogs. He can put all his lies and anger here and it won't pollute her blogs.

Kind of like giving the knuckleheads their own blank walls to spray paint their "markings" that make them feel like real men. So, here it is BJ, you can rant and brag all you want here. No one will be convinced that you have a college education, unless you have someone else write your comments. Your education hasn't had any positive effect on your IQ score since about the second grade.

Studies have proven that not using effective communication skills demonstrate the lack of intelligence. You are, and will always be, an angry, slightly below average, black guy with an axe to grind and not enough intelligence to figure out how to support your viewpoints.

Here's your blank wall. So leave all your messages about how smart you are and how it's not my business where you went to school and where you live. Hope it's not too cold for you in North Texas.


  1. I am hearing a lot of static....wait a minute let me adjust the knobs on my radio.

  2. The cartoon is hysterical!

    Thanks for the cartoons, they're great!

  3. You're welcome for the cartoon. I love certain ones and just wish that I could make them bigger when I put them on my blogs.

    When I chuckle (I almost hate to use that word because of YKW) at a cartoon, I save it and then I eventually find the perfect subject to blog about.

    Too bad that the people I am speaking of with the cartoon and blog won't even "get" it. It is true that it takes brains to appreciate humor, so there you go. Can't have everything.

  4. Ferret,

    While waiting for more words of wizdoom from Bj, you can read about the rescue of some of your brethren...

    MEXICO CITY (AP) -- Police in Mexico City have rescued 150 ferrets from armed robbers after a high speed chase.

    Police say they found the furry contraband after the suspects crashed their car into a tree and then fled on foot.

    Read more @

  5. Hey, Thanks, Legion, but now my relatives have to find a better way to smuggle themselves into the promised land of PETSMART and Ferrets R US. Dang and I was hoping for a family get together soon.

    Another friend just sent a link so that I could see how some ferrets are being used as service animals. Seriously, having a ferret helps depressed people who can't handle larger animals. One gentleman is without legs after an auto accident and a ferret has helped him find the spark of life again. Ferrets can actually be taken into stores if they wear the id to show they are indeed service animals. Pretty cool, huh?

  6. Legion, you're killing me! Do you think it was similar to when the illegals bail after a car chase on our highways? Ferrets running everywhere while the authorities try to round them up? The visual is too funny!

  7. Oh geez Edith, now I have a visual of deputies chasing Ferrets through the woods and across the dale. lmao.

    Ferret, service ferrets hmm.

    The only four legged Ferret I was acquainted with, was a smart little critter.

    His owners lived next door, every chance he/she had to escape, even at times prying paneling loose in their bathroom and exiting under the bathtub, the Ferret would come to our house. The neighbors had one of the meanest little kids I've ever met by the way.

    I would hear scratching at the door, and there the Ferret was, wanting to come visit.

    The Ferret didn't seem to happy after I played with him/her for awhile and took him/her back home.

  8. Ferrets are quite friendly, although they can cause quite a stink if they are riled up a bit. HMMMMMM, wonder why I chose this screen name?

    As far as my Amigos in Mexico, I hope that they find good homes and aren't invited to any neighborhood barbeques. You never know what that mystery meat is in those street vendor's tacos. Ah-cahrumba. (Sorry if the spelling is off, my second language isn't Spanish.)

  9. Oh, my, I just went to the link and the original article and now my heart is aching. Those were American ferrets that were shipped to Mexico and then stolen. My question is why would a vet down there need so many ferrets? Is there a new fashion to use my relatives' fur? I just have to stop now, as my shuddering is hampering my typing.

    Ferrets' fur or Ferrets fajitas which is worse?

  10. Ewww, and I just finished some BBQ, luckily it was brisket.

  11. Brisket? or Frisket? Are you sure it mooed and not chattered?

  12. This blog was written for BJ and we have having so much fun here without him. There is plenty of room here for any posters who feel so inclined to post. The more the merrier.