Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ENGLISH RULES: it's never too late to learn them

You know what is wonderful about the English language and all of its weird rules and exceptions? When a person learns all the rules and the weird exceptions, there is a sense of power for both the writer and reader. No confusion on the part of the reader, because the writer has expressed ideas clearly and precisely. No wasted effort trying to figure out the sentence structures or subject/verb agreement; all effort can be devoted to decoding the meaning that the author has put on paper. For true pleasure, diagram a sentence or two and I promise you will feel an incredible sense of accomplishment. Either you will feel a glow or a way of bringing on sleep without counting sheep. No matter the outcome, English rules should be honored by us all.


  1. (Here!) (Hear!)

    (I) (eye) (aye) agree! It is always better (to) (too) (two) stick (to) (too) (two) the rules.

    It makes us (all) (awl) better (writers) (riders).

    Thank (you) (yew).


  2. I is try'isng my's best'us, too fawlow cor'ect gramar.

    But hey, I had to copy answers off a classmate in Senior English class, and I still passed the class with a B, YEAH!!!

    English was my absolute worst subject in school, but IMO, my posts are much better written than some other posters.

    And we all know at least one poster I am talking about.;)

  3. U r write two thunk that' legion. Thanx four stopped bye an leavening sum coments. Ure, favoiret Feret?

    Typing that took more energy that typing correctly. Guess I could never be e.e. cummings.

  4. I agree--it is way harder to write badly!

    Legion--you're correct on that! Yeah, YKW, well, he lacks in so many areas, English is just one of them.