Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SWEET GIRL'S CONFUSING REQUEST: "Sing the bee song, Momma."

Growing up in a home where singing was a everyday occurrence, it followed that I would sing to my sweet little girl.  I learned the usual kiddie nursery rhymes, but some of the old classics that I enjoyed found their way into my repertoire.  When my sweet girl would stretch out her arms for me, she was met with a smile and my version of, "Hold me, hold me, never let me go..."  My mom would sing songs as she pushed our little curly-top on her tire swing, "He flies through the air with the greatest of ease..."  Snippets of songs filled the days and delighted our little one.  We all were happy with the arrangement, until one day when I was stumped by my little girl.  "Sing 'The Bee song', Momma." 

Thinking my mother had an extra song in her bag of tricks that I didn't know, I called her for the answer.  She was puzzled by the request, also, which only added to the frustration of the eager child.  I asked her to hum a bit, tell me more, or any hint that she could give me to find the right tune and she kept reassuring me that I knew it, it was "The Bee Song".  I finally promised that as soon as I remembered the elusive song, I would indeed start the serenade.  Watching my disappointed daughter leave the room, I racked my brain for any song with bees in it.  No "Sesame Street" songs that I could think of focused on the bees, she was way to young to want a song about" the birds and the bees", and so I finally concluded that it must have been one of my original songs that I threw together in a moment of fleeting creativity.

A few more days passed and we went to the mall, where there was a man who loved to demonstrate the musical instruments he sold.  Our little girl would dance to his music, which caused smiles all around.  She ran up to where he sat at the organ and requested "The Bee Song."  Imagine my extreme surprise when he smiled and began playing.  Who knew that there was such a song?!  Well, it wasn't exactly known nationally as "The Bee Song", but thankfully, the kind man started playing "Que Serra Serra".  That was the elusive song.  You know the line, "What will be, will be"?  That's the bee song and has remained "The Bee Song" in our family every since that curly-headed sweetheart twirled around with her dancing eyes and dazzling smile.

During the whirlwind of life, this jewel of a memory is what I treasure the most.  Sweetness, innocence and love.  I miss those easier days.  I miss my daughter's Nana and Papa.  I am blessed that with my Grandlove the innocence is once again embodied in a curly-headed child who can make people smile with their hearts.

May all of your Holiday wishes come true and the New Year be filled with Blessings for you and yours. 

Stay well and thank you for caring that a lowly Ferret enjoys writing about life.


  1. LOL, I love your writings. You have a way of telling a story that bridges time & distance & relates to all.

    I too sing bits & pieces of songs to my lil one while we are doing pretty much everything,some days she enjoys, some days I annoy. The other day she asked me to sing something that I could not figure out what she meant....never did either, much to her chagrin. This morning my daughter tells me she is singing a song as she is playing, about "puppies & kitties stay out of the road, stay in your house or your car so you don't get hurt, cuz then you'll have to go to the Dr. & then you'll get better" She called it the "puppy & kitty Christmas song" inspired by the puppies she & I saw in the road on the way to dance class a couple weeks ago. Music & little ones, can't beat them!

    I hope that you & yours have a very Merry Christmas & the Happiest New Year!!!!

  2. Ferret, you are anything but lowly. Au contraire, my friend, you lift my spirits every day and I get the feeling that if we both had wings, we could take off and soar above the clouds sometimes. What a pair of lovely birds we would be!

    I got tickled about the "Bee Song". A child hears things in such a different way than adults do. You sent my mind back years, when my mother would sing songs to me, as well. Three that I remember very well, and I guess it's either because she knew I loved animals, or I got my love of animals from her, were the "Unicorn Song", "Aba Daba Honeymoon (I called it the Monkey song), and "Swinging on a star". Those songs never failed to amuse me. I miss her so much, especially at this time of year. It doesn't seem fair that she can't have another Christmas, or enjoy a lunar eclipse, even if it is obscured by clouds, or enjoy our expanded family of kitties, as I know she would.

    Thanks for the memories, Ferret.

  3. Love this Ferret! I sing silly songs to my grandbaby and he rewards me with smiles and giggles. That's why we do it!

    I'm told my older sister always begged my mother, "sing doggie in the window, mommy!" Many years later, my sister sang that to her grandchildren, and she now sings it to my Jake.

    My grandmother had a cousin who always sang "You Are My Sunshine" to her grandchildren. When she passed away, it was performed by a couple with only a guitar. There wasn't a dry eye in the church. It was beautiful.

    Can you even imagine a world without music? I don't even want to try! It's not called 'making a joyful noise' for nothing!