Sunday, January 3, 2010

Life's Nudges: From God and my Other Friends

Throughout my life's journey there have been times when the pathway was changed by a nudge; sometimes just a subtle one or a quite distinct push. Funny thing is that without those nudges, I wouldn't be who I am with the life I lead. Would I have more worldly goods, a different life, or am I better off where I find myself now? Interesting thoughts that have come to the foreground of my thinking, lately.

When I was in high school, there weren't many opportunities locally for me to attend a four year university, so a large nudge landed me in Missouri. Before I even started classes I began working full-time in an exclusive children's clothing store. There I realized that attending to people and their demands was something in which I excelled. Rich, picky people can be pretty demanding in their requests, which only stretched my abilities to become flexible in dealing with people. Up until that time, I was actually quite shy around people I didn't know well.

By the time I was a Senior at the university, I had a close group of friends with the same major. One day in class a friend turned to me and asked if I was going to attend graduate school. I didn't even have a clue what that meant, so I asked her what that would entail. She assured me that I would be just taking more classes in my major and most of the classes were taught by the professors I already knew. So, I didn't see much of a challenge and right after graduation, I started in on my Master's. Classes and assignments in my graduate classes didn't seem much more difficult than my senior level classes and in a short while I finished my post-graduate work. If I hadn't received that nudge about graduate school, I suppose that my Bachelor's degree would have sufficed, but my upper degree provided more income once I began working in my field.

Another time that I received a nudge that changed my life, was when a friend wanted to meet someone she thought might be nice to date. Well, that nudge netted me my husband of over thirty years. Hate to even think what my life would have been like if I had resisted that invitation to meet him; not as colorful or packed with precious moments as it is now, I am sure

Once when I was unsure whether I should give into a nudge, a friend gave me this advice, which helped decide my acceptance, "Hey, it's only for four and a half months. You could stand on your head in the corner for that long. Try it. After that time, you can always do something else." She gave me enough of a nudge to take a chance and it landed me in a career that lasted for twenty-five years. Those twenty-five years garnered many priceless memories of people and events.

There have been many other times when I have felt that nudge as I stood at a crossroads. Whether I have given into the push in one direction or chosen to go the other way, the outcome has been my choice. Nudges just help me make the decision as a conscience choice, rather than haphazardly going through life. Stopping to smell the flowers and watch the butterflies allows me to make sure that I have taken the time to appreciate the choices I have been presented.


  1. Sometimes we fail to feel the nudges that those 'nudgers' are providing, and I think we always loose sometheng when that happens. We may not realize it at the time, but I think when you look back at your regrets and, possibly your remorses, can you not identify someone who was nudging you?

    I know I can.

    Good job, Truth!

  2. Hey, thanks, Edith. You and Sugar are two of my nudgers. You both encourage me in returning to my love of writing. You both are to be thanked or blamed, depending on your take of the quality of my writing.

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  4. I will, along with Edith Ann, take the thanks. I can't believe that you hadn't indulged your love of writing, and if "nudges" helped you rediscover that, well, then, glad to be the "nudger" to the "nudgee". I love the way you write; it is natural, intelligent, and from the heart. When you love something, it shows. And it certainly comes through in your writing.

    This entry also made me stop and think of how diverse the "ex-pats" backgrounds are, and although I'm not a big fan of cosmic confluence- and karma-type thought, I am sitting here with the same feeling I had at the open house that day. Of all the people in all the world, and all the years I have lived in, around, and moved from, then moved back again to, this area, somehow I meet you people and we are drawn together. I just had (and have) such a feeling that we were all MEANT to meet and become friends and each others' supporters. My circle of life and love has widened considerably because of a few chance posts on Mr. Loon's and Pilot's blogs, a little blurb I wrote to Edith Ann about the VicAd, and then through Edith Ann I met you, Ferret. And how lucky am I? This circle of people have enriched my life beyond measure. There is ONE good thing I will say here and now about the Advocate: If it weren't for them, I would likely have never met any of you. And as Edith Ann says, "That's the truth!"

    Thank goodness for the VicAd. Our paths have crossed and intertwined because of it. My life is better because of these random meetings that have led to these wonderful friendships. So many different backgrounds, so many wonderful stories to tell, so much knowledge to share. We are indeed the lucky ones, aren't we?

  5. Sugar, you just brought a smile to my heart. Thank you. Be safe going off to "save" the world tonight.

    Call if you ever want to chat. I keep different hours than you do, but a phone call is never too late for me.

    Yes, in spite, or maybe even because of our variety of viewpoints we do make an interesting group of people. You know that old adage, "Variety is the spice of Life" really applies to us. Nothing beats variety concerning people...of course, I am kind of partial to seasoned pepper, too. No, no, not the person, the spice.

    I think that maybe a letter to the editor would be in order to the paper in appreciation of the "" events that brought us together. Doubt if it would get published, but wouldn't that be something if it did?

    Maybe Pilot could write it, since he uses his own name and anyone can write to the editor. Since I don't post there, I wouldn't know how to go about doing it.

    Anyway, back to the subject of this blog, thank you again, Ms. Nudger. Appreciate the encouragement and the friendship.

  6. All I can add, I guess, is that despite the varied differences in our preferences, we are proof that when there is a common goal, or a commonly held belief, people can come together in a productive way.

    I joke about Karma, but I try to never question the 'why'. I do try to remember to have gratitude for things working out the way they are supposed to. I truly believe people and events happen for a reason. There are very few accidents.

    I for one am extremely grateful for the opportunity to know all of the ex-pats, and getting to know some of our posters.

  7. watch out for nudges...i got "nudged" on a cruise ship once and nine months later had a baby boy!