Saturday, January 16, 2010

GREEN THUMBS: sometimes they just mold

I saw this cartoon and was reminded of my love/hate relationship of everything green. From my earliest days, I remember my mom and her ability to make anything she stuck in dirt develop into the best example of its kind. It didn't matter if it was a tree destined to become a beautiful display of lilac blooms or a delicate, pole-supported orchid. She could take a plant, that most people would discard and nurse it back to health. Before you knew it, that scrawny, limp-leaved, dried-out plant was on the window sill and showing off its new blooms and leaves. You could almost see the smiles on the plants that had been rescued and revived by my mom. In her latter years, I think that she took it on as a challenge. "How much is that pitiful plant? It probably will die." Securing the African Violet for a pittance, she would take it home, where she would repot it, feed it, and give it a good drink of vitamin water. Then within a short time, that plant would join its new siblings who decorated the shelves near the window, having forgotten its near death experience.

When my mom finally went to her Heavenly Garden, I gave away some of her plants and took home just a few. I don't know how the other ones did, but I am here to tell you that even though I have inherited many things from my mom, unfortunately her green thumb wasn't one of them.


  1. The cartoon you posted IS my mother.

    She inherited about 20 orchids from an aunt a couple of years ago. She repotted, and nurtured, and this is the second year that she has had blooms. And they last forever if you leave them on the plant. Right now she has 5 pots on the bar in the kitchen, all in bloom, one with a double bloom.

    I had to chuckle (!) at the cartoon. It's true!

    I also did not get the green gene. :(

  2. Visited my folks today and noticed the orchids missing from the kitchen counter. Mom said they needed to be outside enjoying the weather. She said they were also about to drop the blooms.

    They were beautiful, though, while they lasted.

  3. no green thumb here either. sure miss Nana's african violets...i tried to nurse one back to health and it lasted thru the first time i watered it...sadly it's now in the big garden in the sky. maybe i inherited nana's cooking skills though, i know i inherited her love of food,her quick wit, and her great sense of style. 222.