Sunday, January 24, 2010

Patient Earth: We Knew Her Well

Last night was the end of a poster on The Victoria Advocate, Patient Earth. I would like to say a fond farewell to this intelligent poster. She was brave in her battle against ignorance and denial. She took on the battles against acceptance of less-than stellar educational practices in Victoria; excusing racial/culture slurs as blog titles; slanderous remarks against people from Goliad; and other hot-button topics. Alas, she didn't have enough power to survive the dynamic delete button pusher, however. Puzzlement surrounds her final blow from the powers that be at the paper, as other posters racked up multiple deletions in one thread and yet remain on the site.

Reminds me of having professors/bosses who were less than knowledgeable and yet they held the power of success to my education/career. The Victoria Advocate throws out the Constitution and continues their tyranny in the building that is ironically located on CONSTITUTION STREET. Goodbye, Patient Earth. We will miss your intelligent/questioning posts. Come over to blogspot and settle in here, where the delete button gathers dust and rust. We appreciate everyone's unique views and ability to express them.

Fun Ferret Fact: "Ferret out" is a common expression. It means to hunt or search for. Centuries ago, people used tame ferrets to drive rabbits and rodents out from hiding places.


  1. That's funny--'ferreting out' reson and logic is what got PatientEarth executed!

    That Advocate Death Panel is harsh!

    My sympathies to PE. Stay over here, stick with the intellectual crowd on blogspot.

  2. Ferrets are blessed with resilance and hard-headness. So, Ferret would be a good role model for Patient in this time of healing from the swift-kick she received yesterday. I think her head has stopped spinning, finally. "Dust herself off and pick herself up" is pretty much her motto. She'll be better than okay, soon.

  3. P.E. did a commendable job of hanging in there and dancing around the gunfire at his feet. It is becoming a farce of deepening proportions over there, with regard to the situation of deleted comments and posts,, and bloggers. It is sadly evident that it is Cobler's Clones are no longer even attempting to disguise their outright censorship as enforcing "rules". They are blatantly pushing an agenda, and it will eventually bite you know who on the ass. From almost a pedigreed pointer, to just a backwater newspaper junkyard dog. Makes me wonder about a couple of things. How much more rope will the Roberts' and the McHaneys'give him, and when he hits the end of it, will they be able to find someone who will actually take control and turn the paper around and stop the death march?

  4. PATIENT EARTH has appreciated the show of support and takes comfort from the fact that wiser heads are in the light with her and not behind the dark, dank, slimy moat that surrounds His Highness Gooseberry Cobbler.

  5. That reminds me of a Doug Moreland song, "Not Afraid to Fall".

    "No, he's not afraid of the fall,
    it's the sudden stop at the end that's all."

    Has absolutely nothing to do with the Advocate, or Cobler or a ferret, but I was just reminded.

    Thanks, Pilot!

  6. I am confused about PEs demise. There are many that are being deleted as quickly as they post, yet they still remain. Some break every rule & don't get deleted. I am bored with the VA....same old crap being flung about & people taking themselves way too seriously. The current commentors could all use some Valium in their tea as they all seem a tad bit paranoid & on edge.
    I also enjoy how crime stories are now off limits to comment on (unless you are the proud parent)....the VA needs to take after, let everyone take out their aggression on the criminals & stupid people & they will all get along much better.

    And what is up with the parents of criminals/accused criminals posting on the story of their kids alleged crime?!? Some people have no shame!

  7. VBB, I know that Patient Earth appreciates your feelings. She was confused as to why she was banned and yet Toni racked up over twenty-six deletions and still able to post. I guess it is confusing because there is no rhyme nor reason to the banned posters and deleted comments on the advocate's website.

  8. I am incest comment still stands....there is no rhyme or reason!