Friday, January 7, 2011


I am related to some famous people, or I guess I should state "infamous" since their reputations are a bit shady.  My great-great-grandma Bonney had firey-red hair, a temper to match, an aversion to bright lights and a relative with the same last name Bonney.  Well, I guess Billy the Kid was the usual moniker for him, but we all grew up with stories of our famous outlaw relative.  Now, even after all the years, he still hasn't been pardoned. 

Well, if being related to an outlaw wasn't strange enough, then we have another notable relative, Edgar Allan Poe.  So, I have outlaw and creative blood coursing through my veins.  Okay, so Mr. Poe also had a bit of mental disabilities, along with a tendency to self-medicate.  Well, who said being a genius didn't come at a high price?

So, for those who know me, here's the dirty truth:  My DNA requires me to be creative, a bit crazy at times and ready to accept any challenge, with guns blazing.

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  1. That's pretty good! Each in their own way, extremely interesting folks. Wouldn't you just love to sit and visit with either?

    Yeah, bummer on the no-pardon!