Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Survivors' Guilt: Leaving friends behind in VISD

I spoke with a friend today about the current situation in the public school system in Victoria, Texas and a wash of guilt overtook me. The guilt which bore down on me was guilt for making it out of the soul-sucking school system with a bit of my sense of humor and self-esteem still in place. Recently, the teachers were told that a large amount of the teachers would have to leave their campus starting next year and go to another campus. Cuts would not be entirely voluntarily, however. Some teachers would like to move to be on the same campus as their own children, but too many teachers in certain subjects want to move and all won't be able to choose.

Other teachers' positions will be eliminated and the campuses will be picked by administration staff; no choices allowed there. Special Education teachers were not given any choice in what campus they would prefer to be assigned, because Mr. Moore considers them "fluff". According to the "Oklahoma" allies, Special Education teachers aren't necessary and special education students should just "catch up" with the other students.

It's difficult to get excited with new buildings in VISD, when the teachers (the true heart and soul of education) are shuffled about, much like toy soldiers on fake battlefields in some maniac's basement.

One final note. There is a poster on The Victoria Advocate website who is so pro-VISD, and everything West High School that it turns my stomach. You see, I have nothing against people supporting school systems. However, when I know for a fact that this poster's wife has suffered much through VISD and he still is rabid in his support for everything VISD I question his motives and his loyalty to his own family. Maybe he is just working to secure places on sport teams for his sons, but he makes my lunch come up in my throat with his rants.

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  1. How a teacher can maintain the enthusiasm to teach is beyond me! I think that the Administration of VISD is rivaled for awfulness only by the Adminstration of our local news outlet. Here is an email from Bob Moore to all VISD employees:

    "Happy Monday!
    One of the best things about being in a city the size of Victoria is that there are so many things to do. One of the down sides of being in a city the size of Victoria is that if you have a higher profile job, LOTS of people know you and want to talk to you about a specific issue.
    And so it goes in the grocery store. I get stopped very frequently now with this question:
    What is the School Board doing????
    That’s a loaded question to pose to the person who works directly for the School Board. I cannot speak for the Board. I will not speak for the Board. I will freely offer the following advice: If you do not like something the Board is doing, contact them or attend a meeting and speak to them in Open Forum. Same thing goes if you do like something they are doing. Contact them!
    The month of January is School Board Recognition Month in Texas . There are more than 1000 school boards in Texas and every one of them is filled with people who want to do the right things for children. Not one Board member in the State of Texas gets a paycheck for sitting on the Board.
    When a Board member casts a vote, the trustee is acting in an official capacity as a steward of the public trust. We call them trustees because we, as citizens of the community, have placed our trust in them. They have important responsibilities as members of the Board.
    And, if you do not like what they are doing … or if you do like what they are doing… TELL THEM.
    Contact information for the Board members is on our web page. Look for the Board page link on the left side of the home page.
    You are a part of their constituency and as employees of the District, you are experts on the effects of their decisions. You see it and work it every day.
    Talk to the Board.
    Have a great week."

    It would be nice if teachers felt Moore's attitude was genuine.

  2. And if a person has a complaint and a job in VISD, there's the rub. Make sure that your complaint is really worth all the grief that you will receive through the REST of your contract. It is already known that if you cause waves, your requests will be answered in the Opposite of what you requested. Like the campus choosing by many restrictions that really the teachers' input isn't even considered, unless you are one of the chosen ones.

    You know those bags that horses' wear under their tails when they're pulling buggies in the cities? Well, I think that we should issue those bags to VISD administrators, but they should wear them under their chins, as what they say is usually nothing more than horse-poop.

  3. ###I didn't mean to put the mark after Horses. I really know better, but I couldn't correct it in time.