Tuesday, November 9, 2010


When DJ and her family move to our state capital next year, it will be interesting to keep track on their adjustment.  You see for almost sixty years, DJ has been able to get her way, because of her family.  Throughout her school years, her family's wishes were followed. Whatever she wanted as a "teacher" in the public school system, her wishes were followed, but that little journey has finally stopped.  She will now be moving to Austin, where it doesn't really matter which family is pulling the local strings, because Austin is a very large pond and DJ is just a little fish.  It should be interesting.  Her daughter might learn some manners from this reality jerk that has happened to her mother.  Cross enough people, burn enough bridges and people finally will get sick of the demands of the drama queen.


  1. I wonder if she ends up at a Austin HS as the dance team instructor, if she can set in her office all day and let her Asst. director,senior officer girls, run all the practices?

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  3. Anonymous, no, don't have the little man's syndrome. The truth is all I have.

    Legion, I am sure that she can have her daughter work for her, as she has the attitude to go with the position.

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  5. Well, Anony, you seem to be interested in what I am doing. I do have a life and I didn't have to hold on to an extinct name (Victoriadores)to get through my day. Since DJ "owns the rights" to the name, I guess she can take the name with her in the moving van next summer. Maybe you can help her find a new home for all those trophies and dinglebell hats she has.

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  7. Actually, Anonymous, it is a fact.

    Her husband visited with the labor and delivery nurses at DeTar Hospital North and told them the plans. He is retiring in July 2011, and yes, they are moving to Austin.

    When you call the Women's Clinic to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jaynes, the receptionist informs you of his impending retirement.

    Sign me,
    Closer Than You Think

  8. Facts:
    This is MY blog, you Anon. posters and I have freedom to post the facts. If you don't like what I post, here's an invitation to take your readership and comments elsewhere. I don't only write about DJ and her history of rule bending/breaking. That wouldn't be fun. Obviously, the readers who google her name find my blogs, but my loyal readers do know of my wide subject field. Unlike many in the Crossroad area, I am not afraid of DJ and her Warriors. She has gotten away with much in her thirty odd years in the district, while many people have dedicated themselves to the calling of teaching. Where's the front page coverage for those who have tirelessly dedicated themselves for three decades without a spotlight?

    If you want to tell your side of the story, write your own blog and spin the tale. You have that right.

    DJ and her husband are moving to Austin and it's not rumor. Maybe the West High School can find someone dedicated to education and not just on an ego trip.

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  10. Spot on! They couldn't wait until summer but tucked tails and moved to Dripping Springs at Thanksgiving. One she was removed from her power she didn't last a little over a month.

    Bravo to the treasurer who brought this rein of terror to an end. Jaynes crossed the wrong people who were not willing to drink her kool-aid!
    Legacy dance team never turned over the TKB money to VISD and just re-applied to open a new booster club for the dance team. Bob Moore refused it and they are all throwing temper tantrums. DJ built a "Legacy" of spoiled brats that don't have enough true talent to move on.
    In the end all of the true colors came out for all of the characters mentioned in your blogs.
    This time next year, DJ will be a forgotten old woman who got ran out of town.