Thursday, January 14, 2010


I found this compass rose and I thought it only appropriate to include the picture with this blog concerning the two directions that SEEM so important in Victoria, now. Those two directions are WEST and EAST. Very clever people have decided to name the two new high schools: WEST and EAST. Absolutely boggles my mind. Where or where did they come up with these names?

Okay, let's move on from that and focus on the posters who have already began a rivalry: West High School against East High School. So being the athletic supporter I am, I have been thinking about all things WEST and EAST. Feel free to add more to the very incomplete offering below. By the way, I didn't think that the usual readers/posters on the Advocate website would even start to appreciate my weak attempt at humor


WEST Hollywood
WEST Highland Terriers (WESTies)
Adam WEST (Batman)
Go WEST, young man
Wicked witch of the WEST
Mae WEST (star and flotation device)
WESTminister Abbey
WEST Berlin (was that the good or bad one?)
WESTern Union
Dottie WEST (country WESTern singer)
"Wagons WEST" hopefully said on the trips across the wilderness.
WEST Virginia
the sun sets in the WEST


EASTern Religion
EASTer Bunny
Clint EASTwood
The Witches of EASTwick
EAST Berlin (so it's either the good or the bad Berlin)
"Going back EAST" what the people would say when the trip out West was too much.
the sun rises in the EAST

So there's a start. I can't wait to read what y'all add to my list. Knock yourselves out. The best ones could go to the school board for nominations and votes for school spirit posters, or something.


  1. tstorm5 is really on a roll onthe Advocate. He acts like he is in charge of West High School. He is starting to wear thin.

    What I would like to see is this kind of ferver over the unexceptable rating garnered by the school district. What am I thinking? We all know that athletics, particularly football, rates way higher that academics.

    Hurry up, VISD, choose a coach so we can all resume normal living.

  2. Yep, too bad we can't bottle up this energy and have these people going by the school for tutoring the kids in math or some such nonsense. Geeze, what was I thinking? This is South Texas where High School cheerleaders and Friday night football rule. Not as glamarous moving digits in math problem as it is moving through a defense line.

  3. Ooops, I guess that is "defensive" line?? I told you that I am not a big "Athletic Supporter".

  4. Yeah, I just don't think you LOOK like an athletic supporter, Ferret.

    Reminds me of that scene in "Grease" when the lady announces over the loudspeaker "...and remember, if you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter." Bada-bump!

    Hey, give me a break. ANY day I think of John Travolta is a good day for me.

  5. I like thinking about John Travolta while Harry Connick, Junior is singing to me. (oops, didn't know you were all looking into my daydream.)

  6. You have to quit thinking outloud. You will make the rest of us blush...

  7. Long long time ago, Denver had, as I recall, high schools called East, West, South, North, and Manual. Kept things simple …

  8. I thought of another great West...WEST Nile Virus. Yep, who could forget that one, huh?

    Legion, I have also heard of some places calling their schools "Normal" but that sure wouldn't work for Victoria would it?

  9. quit dreaming of MY husband harry connick jr. he's mine mom, you're old enough to be his mother too! forget football, band rules! besides it takes way more brains to play instruments and march at the same time than it does to put on tights and throw a ball nevermind the fact that you have a bunch of men grabbing each other's rear ends. wierd! yeah when Texas focuses on academics rather than football that's when satan will be sitting in an igloo if you get my drift.

  10. Nothing like having my laptop hijacked by my daughter. She gave me the baby to hold and what could I do....put downthe baby and stop her from commenting? Nah, I appreciate the fact that she even read my blog.

  11. Normal?

    NM, I remember that post now.

    As far as all the bullshit about the new schools go...

    The kids don't really care, a school is a school, they have to be there ( most of them anyway).

    At VHS, I can think of two things that my fellow students got upset about, both in 1974.

    One was a change to the dress code that stated that T-shirts had to have a pocket, no big deal as far as I was concerned. One of my classmates however, sewed a pocket on the back of his T-shirt and wore it to school everyday.

    His shirt did have a pocket and the rule change didn't say where the pocket had to be. so he was allowed to wear it.

    The other "big" controversy, was that the school board wanted to change the name of VHS to Chandler High School.

    That caused a big stink and never happened. But us students did get to vote for a new mascot for Chandler High. I don't remember what the vote winner was, but myself and all of my friends, voted for the new mascot to be the..... Armadillos.


    That would have worked!


    ps: I guess the dance and drill team would have been renamed, are you ready?

    "The Chandler Humpers"