Saturday, September 11, 2010


It has finally become crystal clear, why certain people in our community can get away with all that they do; they are been adorned with Teflon instead of the normal skin cells.  This coating comes in very handy when "normal" rules and regulations are too trivial or ordinary to be followed.  Rather than wearing off the Teflon coating, each time rules are repelled the coating in strengthened. 

From a young age, some people knew that they were better than others and relished the idea that they would not need to follow previous procedures.  When she was elected to a popular spot in the senior class, unfortunately someone of color would be in the picture with her.  No problem, have separate photos taken and placed on different pages in the yearbook. 

She was given the position of the dance team director for one of the high schools, then she carried on with the same name that has been around for decades.  That is understandable; however, when that school no longer existed due to consolidation, then the drill team name was to be changed to include both schools.  Girls from both high schools would be on the same drill team and the colors of the uniforms would be changed to match the consolidated school.  Style of the uniforms (dingle bells on matador hats remained) basically stayed the same and the original, albeit obsolete name remained on board, on line, on cars and on everyone's lips.  VICTORIADORES.....Past, present, future?  DDDR? 

The Raider Bells drill team had a history, and they were classy enough to go along with not insisting that RAIDER BELLS were maintained.  Class, you ask?  Yeah, it takes true class to move on, follow the rules and build new memories.  When the drill team director at Memorial thumbed her nose at authority figures concerning the name VICTORIADORES, this added another layer of her non-stick back.

MTV wanted to come and make a film about the drill team and this director so much wanted it that she stepped way out of line.  She didn't even receive a slap on the wrist for all the rules she broke.  She didn't lose her job, her authority or prestige in the town.  People rallied around her and supported her love for her girls and all her dedication for each and everyone. 

Costs to have a girl on the drill team were sometimes too much for families and if they complained, the wrath from others was laced with disgust at the lowly who actually struggled financially.  When the team needed money, BULLS, BEER and KICKING were enlisted.  Was anyone keeping up with the amount of funds that were made, because when the two schools split, half the money should have gone to EAST HIGH SCHOOL?  All the money that parents raised last year should have been split, since the team was split into two schools. 

Here were find the latest incident of rules, regulation and blow back sliding off of the TEFLON back of the drill team leader.  It has been reported that she has been arrested for embezzlement of funds.  Isn't that interesting!  No report on the blotter section in the Victoria Advocate.  The only comment concerning this has been deleted from the Advocate's website. 

I will not post on The Victoria Advocate, because the brain-impaired TSTORM will have my account deleted and he is so not worth it.  He will not hear anything that is based on facts, just the rah-rah that keeps everyone away from the facts that we need boots to wallow through.

When I saw Chris Cobbler in Hasting renting a movie and getting a breverage today, I was so tempted to ask him about it, but I didn't feel like having to do the Heimlich or listen to him stammer around the truth.


  1. If it is indeed true that the director of the West High Dance and Drill team was arrested for any reason, I certainly hope that these circumstances are reported as thoroughly as other 'names' in the community--Stephen Jabbour, Mike Ratcliff to name a couple. I can see no resonwhy it wouldn't be.

  2. The car decal things, lol.

    I was behind a car at the intersection of the loop and John Stockbauer Friday, the vehicle in front of me had the V/W initials logo, under it "The Legacy", under that the kids name, under that Victoriadores.

    Some things just never die!

  3. Legion, we attended the West Football game on Thursday evening. I about fainted when they announced them as the legends. Then the performance insued. Nothing at all has changed. They used the same music and same routines that she always has. The only difference is that they have no uniforms as of yet and makes me wonder if she embezzled those funds. From the uniform design to the steps on the field, That woman has no creativity at all in her old age. I would ask of you that if you see one of those stickers again, get a license plate and car make and model and post here. Jay Lester and Bob Moore are just waiting to catch her using that Victoriadore name.

  4. As to Bob Moore just waiting to catch her--

    He just needs to get out a little more. There are at least three cars that I see regularly with the 'Victoriadores' on it.

    I am not so sure he is all that interested in catching her in that regard.

    As to the allegations of the embezzelment--who knows? But once the courthouse opens in the morning, we should know.

  5. Well, it's Tuesday and haven't seen any familiar names in the police blotter. Wonder if she has some friends that make records disappear.

    As far as Bob Moore caring about Victoriadores on the cars, he's had ten years and nothing has happened about it, yet. When MTV was courted and the person way over stepped her rights, nothing happened. Eventually, even thick Teflon develops flaws, so we will wait and see if anything sticks.

  6. I have been told that the embezzlement rumor was just that a rumor. It seems like someone has it out for her, if they were willing to put this on the paper's website.

    We still have all the facts about the Victoriadores hanging onto their past.

    So, until next exciting time, see you.

  7. well, the sunday paper finally gave the name of how she uses the non profit organization for tks and im sure its under their name that they sell beer at a school function. SO, detectives. Lets see who the officers are for The Friends of Texas Kickin Bullriding. I know there was a watchdog group checking everything they could find when the doctor was running for school board. WOnder what they found