Thursday, January 28, 2010

Credibility: Has the definiton been changed?

I usually leave the blogs about The Victoria Advocate to Edith Ann, but this time I found an editorial that really got my goat. And I was quite fond of that little kid. So I am putting a quote from this editorial and letting you all have a laugh. The phrase, "Are you kidding me?" comes to my mind. Read on and enjoy the fantasy world of the Cobbler Crew.

"We respectfully remind the governor that newspaper companies have embraced the digital world and have layered the same hard-won credibility onto their online news coverage that distinguishes print journalism."

Fun Ferret Fact: A male ferret is called a hob and may be twenty four inches long and weigh as much as five pounds. While a female ferret, a jill, will measure at the most eighteen inches and weigh no more than three pounds.

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