Tuesday, November 2, 2010



On my other blogs, I have gotten broadsided by some unhappy DJ fans.  Imagine that!  Their leader has finally been told "No" and they don't know how to function without her, except to strike out at anyone who tells the truth. These DJ fans have been blindly following her and her twisted reality for so long, that they are confused when their leader has been lowered from her pedestal.  Here's a hint, DJ Warriors, there actually is a world that doesn't involve line formations, high kicks, fund raisers and out-of-the world expenses for sets.  Find something for your family to do with your time and money that actually contributes to the world, not just the little universe that had DJ as the axis. 


  1. Well said old friend, well said!

  2. I want to tell you. I am not a fan of anything drill team. But, now, all teachers worry that when they work for VISD for 32 years, they will be reassigned. There have to be answers to make the teachers feel secure. Or anyone could be reassigned at any time. Not saying she doesn't deserve it. But, you get my drift?

  3. Thank you both.

    As to the question of anyone being reassigned at anytime. Truthfully, it happens all the time. In fact I know for a fact (me being Truth Ferret, that's my mainstay) that another teacher was reassigned during the same time period. No board meeting, just a notification that as of the next work day the teacher was to report to her new campus and new assignment.

    EVERY teacher signs a contract knowing full well that they can reassigned at any point in the year. There are some teachers who have spent many days preparing for one subject, running off papers, arranging their classroom and the day before school starts, they are changed from their subject/grade level, etc.

    It's what happens. After school starts, doesn't mean any insurance that the teacher will finish in that same room/subject/grade level. Honestly, to those out of the public school realm this must sound a bit crazy, but so is signing a contract and not knowing how much the salary will be. Welcome to the world of teaching. Crazy, sure but who wants to give up showbiz. (Sorry, that's a reference to a weak joke--the man who scoops up the elephant poop after each performance is questioned why he doesn't find a job out of the circus. His reply, "What and give up showbiz?")

    So the teachers keep teaching and the kids keep coming and the parents keep complaining/complimenting. The beat goes on.