Saturday, January 30, 2010

Valentine's Day: Cupid's Memoirs

A few days ago there was an article in the local paper for stories concerning Valentine's Day. I won't write for that paper for free and probably even if they paid me. So here's a little Valentine's story to share.

It was this time of year three years ago that I was frantically making plans, changing plans, drawing plans and pretty much trying to stay sane with all the planning that was going on in my head. You see on that special day, it was a Wednesday that year, would be the next chapter in our daughter's life. She was getting married and beginning to start a whole new life, leaving behind the memories of some very cruel, heartless people. Each decoration I designed and made put more distance between NOW and THEN. All in our family had traveled a very rough couple of years and these creations helped to turn the corner from hurt to hope.

On Tuesday, we decorated the hall as much as time allowed, knowing that we had time to tie up the loose ends the next morning. Plastic bin, after bin were hauled into the hall and the fun began. Talented, helpful hands turned the spools of tulle and ribbon into beautiful, lush bows. Valentine-themed decorations were placed throughout the hall and soon the wedding venue went from County chic into a Valentine Wonderland. All doubts that my daughter had about the place looking special and not "cheesy" went away as the afternoon sunlight shone on the place settings and the effect was just how we had dreamed it would be.

Wednesday morning blew in a cold front and as we hurried about in the hall, a call came that the pastor had come down with the flu. My friend said not to worry and somehow she and the church's secretary found a replacement pastor who wound up doing a very nice job on such a short notice.

When my daughter had picked out her wedding dress, it was the middle of the summer and the dress was long sleeved. I thought that she was taking a chance with such a warm gown, but guess who was perfectly comfortable in the freezing, airy hall that night. Yep, the blushing bride looked beautiful. Her gown and her husband's Western style tux were so perfect for the occasion and the couple. We sure do love the photos of the couple and the guests in the Cupid's Paradise we created with a small budget, large amount of planning and talented relatives who helped.

I have to say that three years ago tops my list of my favorite Valentine Days.

Fun Ferret Fact: Just because ferrets are considered "cute" don't call someone "Ferret Face" as that will cause hurt feelings. "Weasel Face" isn't much better, by the way.

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  1. Oh, what a very sweet story! What lovely memories for all of you.

    My Valentine memories, when I was four, I got a little brother on the 10th. I now know chocolate would have been much better.

    In 1980, I got the first cutest little redheaded bundle of joy when my son was born on the 13th. In 2005, he married his wife who was born one week earlier than he was in 1980.

    In 2009, I got my second cutest little redheaded bundel of joy when my grandson was born on the 10th! This year, we will baptize that baby on Sunday, the 14th.

    I just love February, and all those days around the 14th.