Sunday, March 28, 2010

ZOO: What is old is new again.

There are two additions to our local zoo and some people are up in arms, because lions aren't native to Texas and they thought our zoo was only suppose to have native animals.

Many years ago, the zoo in the park had animals that weren't native to Texas and the zoo thrived. I remember one afternoon that my mom and I were there and the lion was being walked around. Getting permission, I got to pet the lion and I thought it was wonderful. Yeah, I know what a danger it was to be so close to a wild animal, but I found it quite thrilling to be able to be so close to such a powerful creature.

We also had other wild animals at the zoo, a train that carried joyful children through the shade of enormous trees, snow cone vendors and many people who relaxed with their families around homemade picnics. Young people learned to drive the meandering roads dodging the occasional wayward golf ball; children tore bits of bread to toss to hungry ducks; wooden bats cracked in hot summer air; and if we were lucky a traveling entertainment company would set up large flying swings to propel us around in dizzying circles.

So, our zoo has come full circle, with the purchase of lion cubs. Soon a new restaurant will be opening down in the park, children have cleaned up the duck pond and people are wanting the park to become active once again. I can only hope that more people will go down and put the family back into such a beautiful place.

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  1. Personally, I was never impressed with a collection of native Texas animals. Don't get em wrong, we've got some interesting critters here, but how many diamondback rattlers does one need to stare at through glass?

    If I am going to the zoo, I want to see animals that I would never otherwise see. I won't be going on safari soon, so lions and tigers and bears! Oh, my! It's all good.

    I think the baby lions are adorable!