Wednesday, March 10, 2010

HANDS OF LOVE: A child shall lead...

Such a little hand to be so powerful.


  1. My question is, how can such a little finger have so many people eternally wrapped around itself? Wonders never cease!

  2. Love the pic, Ferret. That's one for the scrapbook to treasure later, for sure.

    PLEASE PLEASE make sure you have your pics backed up on a disc somewhere. My issues with my computer have turned into a full-blown mutiny in the form of a crash. It is now in the shop awaiting its fate - either a restore or file 13. I had so many pictures in there that I had downloaded from my camera, and then erased the memory card, figuring they were safe in the hard drive. But maybe not. I don't know yet whether I have lost those precious pictures that I so foolishly failed to back up, and my heart breaks to think I may never see them again.

    PLEASE print out a thousand copies of your love and then one more for posterity, as well as saving them on a disc. You will save yourself some heartache.

  3. Sugar, I would seriously suggest My D-I-L uses this. It's free, anyone you give permission (there's no passwords) to by giving them the link can look at your pictures.

    The best part for me is, I give a quick look every day or so, and pick what I want printed. I download to Walgreens, and pick up on my way to work. Could not be easier, and someone else is storing your pics.

    She didn't have to start paying until she upgraded to the 'Pro' package when she hit 10,000+ images. Then it'a about 35.00/year.

    But your computer crashes, and all is well. Safe and sound at flickr. Snapfish is the same thing.

    And ever so often, save to a disc, too.

  4. Well it's official. My computer, after having giving me the "blue screen of death", really meant it this time is not to be revived. All is lost. I do have the few pics I saved on my blogs, and I can save those to my new computer AND definitely a disc. I think I will also get one of those sticks and use it.

    You should have seen my poor pop today as we were looking at computers. He asked where to put the floppy disc....I am totally serious. He didn't know what a flashdrive is, or a stick, and I'm still trying to explain to him how a memory card works in my camera and why I need no film. But he's catching up. We will be replacing his OLD Compaq as well, getting a wireless router so that we can have high-speed on both (he is still using dial-up on his).

    Anyway, not that I'm really happy about it, but maybe it's a good thing in the long run this happened. Just expected to get more than 2 years' use from my Dell.....

  5. Sugar, I know that feeling about how could a machine die in such a short time, expecially when you have your pictures stored on it. I do have backup for my pictures, but I appreciate the fact of the idea for keeping "modern negatives".

    I love my wireless hookup, which is Sprint. AT&T didn't work where I live, although the cell phone I have is AT&T.

    What type of computer are you going to try, now that yours has given up the ghost? My laptop is an emachine and I do love it.

    Dells are at my hubby's work and they're good. I think that the covers are different and the inside of all computers are the same. I think that it's a big game and we don't know it.

    When I was in college, people had to use cards for computers, so who would have thought that now we have computers that fit in your hand? Has it only been decades and not centuries?

  6. I miss slide rules, and I remember those old vacuum-tubed monstrosities that had to be programmed by code; dad used to do that at work, and he cannot believe how things have changed. He told me today he feels so behind the times, and I told him I do too, but we'll catch up together.

    Of course, I meant "HAVING GIVEN" in my post, and "IT IS NOT TO BE REVIVED"....sheesh, I'm surprised anyone could understand that post given the typos in it....It has been a decidedly mind-boggling day, I will fill you in later on forgive me for being quite goofy this evening.

    All my "old" pictures, those on photo paper, I still have, I'm just talking about those that I have taken since I got my digital camera about a year and a half ago, and downloaded what was on the memory card. Thank goodness some of my faves are on my blog entries, and I can resave those....but AY YI YI, I've learned my lesson.

    We are looking two custom-built towers at Cottage Computer in Yoakum, with larger screens, and will likely get those. They have Pentium processors, and about 3 times the capacity my Dell of only two years ago had. It's probably long overdue. I asked the guy at Cottage if this is a problem with Dells, and he said, not really, I just had the bad luck of either the motherboard or the hard drive experiencing a fatal malfunction, and ZAP! it went.

    Thanx, Ferret. I'll talk to you later this weekend....after I've had a little sleep, a precious commodity I've had VERY little of the past three days. Ah, to sleep, perchance to dream....