Thursday, March 25, 2010


Yesterday, my husband and I made a solemn journey to visit the grave of my mom and step-dad. It's a trip that we don't take too often for a couple of reasons.

When my mom was alive, she made me promise to visit her then and not go to her final resting place and weep for her. So, I spent much time with her when she could still wrap me in her loving arms and laugh at my silly jokes.

Now, when we make the trek to the cemetary, my heart is heavy and I am reminded about how much I miss them both.

Wiping the escaping tears away, we face the marker and talk about our lives and the void their passing has created.

Saddness envelopes both of us, until we finally break and we decide it is time to move on, away to the future, leaving the past to rest in peace. Beautiful wildflowers are secured and a final quick touch of the cold headstone, which stands at attention among the ever growing field of graves, competes our visit.

Five years ago, the grave was one of the newer ones and now it has welcomed too many more sentries of the fallen. Next time we visit the site, I will probably be amazed that the sea of graves has gone on even further.


  1. How touching. I don't have to do this yet, and I dread the day I do.

  2. Thanks, for the comment. Edith Ann. It's a tough weekend, that's for sure. My chest hurts from the sorrow I feel when I think of them and it's tough. I'll think about calling Mom for some silly little thing and then I remember....

    Oh, how she would be head of heels with love for the little guy. I can just imagine.