Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Top of the Mornin' to ye...

...and the rest of the day to ye."

Just wanted to leave this little Irish greeting out here for all the Irish (whether actual or only claimed for the day.)

Myself, I am part Irish, Scottish and German, so I can celebrate with the best of them. Unfortunately, my celebrating has calmed down quite a bit, but my Irish eyes do smile with the memories kept in my heart.

Have a great day and try not to get pinched. (The pinching, I am told, is to remind you that the little folks can't see you if you wear green and if they see you there's a pinch involved.)

Your favorite ferret


  1. In fact, all the pubs closed on St. Patrick's Day in Ireland. Families attended church and later went for a walk or worked in the garden.

    The holiday was exactly that, says Carmel McCaffrey: a holy day.

    "When I was a child in Ireland, the pubs didn’t even open. It was a holy day. We went to church," the Irish scholar and former Johns Hopkins professor said in a phone interview from Maryland. "We'd usually just meet up with friends and have a meal. There were no drinks."

  2. Ferret, Happy St. Pat's to you as well. Though I am Greek and Italian, that Irish coffee goes down very well :) Have fun today.