Sunday, March 28, 2010


Over on The Victoria Advocate, there is a poster who goes by the name of TSTORM. He won't put up with anyone writing/saying/thinking anything against Bob Moore, the superintendent of Victoria Independent School District. TSTORM challenges other posters and asks them if they work for VISD. Is TSTORM really that dumb to think someone will post, "Yes, I work for VISD and I don't agree with what is happening in the schools"?

Bob Moore (through his principals) has made it very clear that if a staff member voices any negativity about anything, then it's time to find another career.

To have TSTORM act as such a staunch supporter of Bob Moore is quite strange, since he has family members who work in VISD. There have been times when his relatives have been treated very terribly. Either he is very forgetful; he doesn't care how his family members are treated; or he is trying to secure a place on a varisty team for his son.

No matter why he is Bob Moore's personal cheerleader, I am very tired of the same old cheers from TSTORM.


  1. And the winner is......


    I just love small towns and their obsession with sports.

  2. Yep, and some parents love to live their lives through their children and pound WIN, WIN, WIN into their heads from early on. TSTROM's poor family members. If they do say anything against Bob Moore, I bet he would turn them in to the thought police, too.

  3. I figure tstorm's boy had too much competition as a freshman and dad IS trying to suck up to the coach.

    That's sad. Hope the boy has that much enthusiasm.

  4. I wonder if TSTORM's wife and sister realize what a turd he is on THE ADVOCATE. He is always a bully and never allows any facts against Moore or VISD. Since I am banned from The Advocate, my voice is here.

    TSTORM, you need to wear looser underwear and allow people to disagree with you. Different opinions make life interesting and shouldn't be thwarted. Just because facts are not pleasant, doesn't mean that they should be changed to suit your vision of a perfect school district.

  5. There was some discussion over on The Advocate today about someone being the cheerleader director....I think TSTORM has that position already.