Thursday, March 4, 2010


The ship's owner and operator, Louis Cruise Lines, said the vessel was struck Wednesday by three "abnormally high" waves more than 33 feet (10 meters) high that broke glass windshields in the forward section on deck five, which is one of 10 used by passengers. Two people died and 14 were slightly hurt, the company said.

Large waves are not rare in the Mediterranean, but ones that size occur only once or twice a year, said Marta de Alfonso, an oceanographer with the Spanish government.

This accident happened in an area of the Mediterranean called the Gulf of Leon, which is known for big waves when storms hit.

Kind of ironic that I just wrote a blog about our experience on a cruise during Hurricane Ike and now there's a cruise ship that has suffered severe damage from huge waves. Hopefully, the passengers received helped with getting home (both financially and securing transportation) from the cruise line. I know that there have been deaths and I feel so sorry for the families affected by this tragedy.

These rogue waves brought to mind that old movie, "Poseidon's Adventure." Cheesy movie, but who would have thought it would come true in a sense.

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