Sunday, March 7, 2010


Being an educator scares me more each day. It's not the quality of the children who stumble onto campuses; their parents who don't pull their weight as positive influences; or even the measely combat pay that shows up in my bank account each month that frightens me. What frightens me is the fact that we now have people assigned to a committe to help reform the educational process. Committees can be effective when stocked with the correct personnal, but this committee reeks. "Good ole boy" syndromes gives off a stench that would gag a maggot and the air is swirling with the stench from some of the handpicked members. Just looking on the role sends shivers down my spine. I will highlight one, for now, and leave the final conclusions to the enlightened readers I find here.

First up is Randy Vivian. He was the CEO of a local non-profit, where he served as a figurehead. His abilities never did measure up to what he self-proclaimed as to his talents. A lot of hot air and not much in the way of actual accomplishments, unless glad handing is considered an accomplishment.

Other members of this committee meet the critera of rich, out of touch residents of Victoria.

There are a couple well-qualified, generous with donations members and for those I am thankful.

We won't really have reform in the educational sector until this good ole boy system (which now includes "good ole gals") gains insight in the real working public and their concerns and interests.

I noticed that there weren't any regular teachers on the committee (if I missed a name, I do apologize) and those are the people who show up everyday to make a difference in this often crazy educational system we have in VISD.


  1. I think it is interesting that folks think it is just the same 15-20 individuals in Victoria who are able to problem solve. I guess the rest of us aren't smart enough to.

    But until we start squawking, it will continue to be the same 15-20 individuals.

  2. When I read this article in the paper this morning my first thought was, "Oh boy, this commission is going to determine we need to spend even more money on education."

    Then I thought how much spending more money has helped the public school system in Washington D.C., the highest per pupil spending in the country, and barely a wisp of improvement to show for it.

  3. Yep, the commission will find that if you build new schools and buy new furniture the students will learn more...oh, that's right, that "solution" is already in place.

    Funny, I didn't get a phone call/email asking me if I wanted to be part of a problem solving commission.

    I guess my latest tax return kept me out of the running. I don't have any parking space at the country club, unless I get a second job as a cleaning lady there.

  4. Great article Truth Ferret! I think the problem is the whole system itself. When are people going learn that the education should not be driven by profit, but rather by contents of the course itself . It is only then I believe we will have a better system altogether. We have too many people who want to buy influence and power, but not enough people who know what the system really needs - teachers. I think you hit the nail on the head when you suggest that teachers need to be on the committee, because only they will know what is best for the school or college and not some wealthy outsider who has other agendas!

  5. I just learned that at one of the "old" middle schools there will be one full time principal and one half-time principal. That school will have 700 students next year and the gangs affiliations there have increased, as well as all the violence that comes with gangs.

    People wonder why parents sacrifice to send their children to private schools in this town and they refuse to look at the way that Bob Moore discounts the value of educators.

    More students and less staff is a formula for horrible education. VISD already suffers low TAKS scores....but we will have new buildings. Whoooopeeee!!!

  6. So is Randy Vivian the newer version of Gary Moses? How did he wind up in the positions he has found himself? I knew him back in the day & I can't, for the life of me, figure it out!