Sunday, February 14, 2010


This picture represents my family's guardian angel; she's resting as she gets a vigorous workout on a daily basis. There are many times when I am not aware of the smoothing out of life's bumps she has provided, so I will just spotlight a few times that she has made our lives better.

When I first saw this angel, I was taken back by her presence. Everything matched in her attire. Her earrings matched her necklace, bracelet, and ring. This jewelry ensemble accented the distinguished clothes she wore. As she floated down the hallway, I was met with a smile that was repeated with her eyes. Not a hair was out of place and her dignified manner extended to every task she completed. Professional interactions were the beginning of our relationship and on that basis our friendship was built.

I found talking to her easy and we laughed as much as we talked. Upon discovery that we were married to the same type of man, we knew that our "sameness" was greater than any difference other would perceive.

She was the person who I found solace in when my mom's health became an issue of dealing with a loved one's death. Upon the coupling of my daughter and a toxic man, I was able to sort through my feelings and emotions with this angel of mine.

Questions in the workplace, struggles with health issues, finding the groove in my ever-changing life roles, and other difficulties were sorted out with laughter and guidance from my angel.

Joys and happiness were shared, also. Sometimes that meant serving punch at a wedding; holding a newborn grandson; or listening to the same story again.

When a promised vacation found my family stranded thousands of miles away from a safe harbor, this angel provided the means of safely returning us all to home.

Later, constant physical pain and deep depression tempted me to give up to the dark, whirlpool of death. My friend demanded a promise from me to fight and not give up. Some wretched nights I would only have that promise to cut through my mind's fog. A lifeline of friendship can be stronger than any man made material; it can save a life and offer tomorrows. Softly spoken words of encouragement from her kept my head above the waves of despair.

In return for all that my angel has given me and mine, I only have this small gift of words.

Thank you, my friend. Your heart and soul shine brighter than any jewel.


  1. God bless your angel. It is friends like this that complete us and make us whole. Because of her, I am grateful, as you are here today and now my friend.

    Thank you, angel, and know your work has yielded a beautiful fruit.

  2. Sugar, you are so sweet to add your appreciation.

  3. Thank you - you have added so much to my life. I will cherish this forever (it will make a LOVELY scrapebook page!). What a wonderful Valentine's gift...I love you for all you mean to me.

  4. Of course, that's scrapbook, not scrapebook. I've already taken my Ambien...what can I say???

  5. Only you could make me laugh with a misspelled word, my friend.

  6. I would think a Guardian Angel would keep a 'scrapebook'...aren't our 'scrapes' what keeps our Angels the busiest?