Wednesday, February 17, 2010

GANGS: Watch out for the signs

In San Antonio, a few years ago, gangs were making a huge showing at the schools, so at a faculty meeting the principal warned all the staff to be on the lookout for signs of gangs forming: kids wearing the same colors, brands, and symbols used as a gang affiliation. This was becoming a problem and the teachers were warned to report anything that looked suspicious.

Later that week, a frantic young teacher ran into the principal's office to report that there was a new gang in the school and it had recruited almost all of the students. Rising quickly and preparing to attend to this crisis, the principal asked the young lady what gang affiliation did she observe. Her reply, "I don't know what gang it is, but they all are wearing black marks on their foreheads!"

Letting out a huge, relived sigh,"What church do you attend?"

"Baptist, why?"

"It's Ash Wednesday. The gang symbols will be gone by tomorrow."

True, sad, funny story.

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