Thursday, February 11, 2010


Having Aprill in the same line as "stupid" is truly redundant.

Drug and alcohol abuse seem to be what she lives and then records for The Advocate. She is one of the fair-haired children who works for the paper. I understand that she is there to add some youth to the paper; however her views are so skewed that she's the barfly equivalent of Myra. Inebriation demonstrated through different speech patterns is what passes as humor in Aprill's articles.

As if that isn't bad enough, she is now on the Board of Directors for CASA. That appointment is wrong in so many ways. Aprill's maturity level is on level with many middle schoolers. CASA deals with very serious issues on a daily basis and I am sure that a sense of humor helps the case workers get through the day; however, there's a difference in a sense of humor and no sense at all.

In my opinion, Aprill Brandon's appointment to CASA's board should be reversed. Until she understands the importance of sobriety in a fulfilled life, she doesn't need to have anything to do with such fragile children.

Youth should be enjoyed, but when given the responsibility of making decisions concerning children, it is time to grow up.


  1. Wow. What a post. You bet the business of CASA is serious. Having been both a volunteer and intern myself at this fine organization, I can guarantee you that a person who ADMITS she doesn't even know what a "proxy" is has NO place on the board of directors. I know there will be a learning curve; nobody starts out life knowing all things. I think a more appropriate place for her to start would have been as a volunteer. If she truly is serious about this organization and has its best interests at heart (which I seriously doubt), she would have gained a wealth of knowledge from volunteer training and going through the paces. This volunteerism is NOT like going to a local thrift store to volunteer to sort clothes or place price tags on objects. This is serious stuff, with volunteers going through rigorous training, being sworn into court as appointed advocate, and having the smarts to work with children, parents, lawyers, judges, and other advocates. There is a LOT involved. Just by being placed (and a most QUESTIONABLE placement at that) on the board of directors, there is no way that anyone can appreciate all that.

    I intend to write a letter to the director stating my displeasure at this appointment and my doubts as to CASA's judgment in this case. I seriously have to wonder what they were thinking, and never thought I would have to say that about such a great non-profit.

    My only wish is that Aprill gains insight, knowledge, and maturity with her new role. For the sake of the children that move through the system, I hope she sees the harm that alcohol and drugs do to young lives, and grows up.

  2. Aprill need to be fired along with Chirs Clober. I hope she read this.