Thursday, February 25, 2010


Back when I was a junior at the university I was offered an opportunity to earn "good" money assisting my professor with developing testing of children. At the time I was earning a little over a dollar an hour and this opportunity would not only pay me well, but I would be traveling to the location cross country in a small four seater private plane. Being young and ready for an adventure I made arrangements at my job, packed my bag and drove to the local private airport.

Flying hadn't been a good experience for me before, so anxiety immersed my perception of the happenings. Settling in the co-pilot seat actually helped with soothing my frayed nerves, as I had become a partner in the flying experience. My professor/pilot gave me instructions on what to look for in the night sky, as we floated through the darkness.

Everything was so peaceful, until the first lightning bolt lit up our path. Quickly, the smooth gliding changed into a anxious, bumpy journey. Cinching my seat belt tighter gave me a brief feeling of security, until I realized that if the lightning struck us, hitting my head on the ceiling would be the least of my worries. Stormy weather didn't seem to bother the pilot, who eventually found a smoother path above the storm.

When we reached our destination, I began breathing again and found myself inside a small, remote hanger. Waiting for us was my professor's friend who drove us to the place where I'd be staying during the research. Out in the middle of tall, pine woods sat a trailer which was to be my home. Not until I looked around at the desolate location did I get that nudge in the pit of my stomach that made me realize that no one knew exactly where I was. This was well before cell phone, remember and there was no phone in the trailer. When we entered the trailer, I could tell that someone called this place home. Everything was neatly arranged and yet it looked like someone had just walked out and would return shortly. Assurances were given to me that I should consider this my new home for the duration.

Soon, the events of the day began to take its toll and the two men left me alone in the middle of a remote forest to fend for myself. Standing in the hot shower then burrowing under the covers relaxed me and allowed sleep to find me. All was well, until the middle of the night, when the overhead light was thrown on and a strange man stood in the middle of the room. I grabbed my glasses to help focus my attention, "Who are you?"

Underlying fear bubbled to the surface, as I waited for an answer. What had I gotten myself into? Reality of my situation finally hit me, as I waited for a response from this tall, dark man.

I will continue this story in a latter blog. Stayed tuned....

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  1. Hmmm....tall and dark.

    Was he handsome?

    Waiting for the next installment!