Friday, February 12, 2010


Am I the only one that finds this winter dragging on and on and on and on.....? I heard today that as of now, Hawaii is the only state that hasn't received snow in the last couple of days. What is going on?

Usually, I don't even wear a coat; just some light, zippered sweater and I'm good. Today, I hurt from the cold when I was out and about. I am now trying to warm up with the help of a snuggles blanket and the heat from this laptop. Guess a cup of hot chocolate is called for and then my insides will be comforted, also.

Speaking of snuggles blankets, the other day an extended family was celebrating the 70th birthday of their mom/grandmother at a popular restaurant. Of course, when she opened her present, we paid attention. My husband looked at me and kept eating, after I whispered, "I didn't know anyone really gave that as a gift. Is it a good gift?" He shrugged as he scooped up more enchiladas.

This family appeared as if they cared for their matriarch and yet I was a bit shocked that on her momentous birthday, the best they could up with was a "Snuggie". I kept waiting for her to take something else out of the box, because someone pulled a prank and wrapped a "good gift" in that box. Imagine my surprise, when she did open the box and sure enough it was a red Snuggie.

Kept waiting for the Chia Pet to make its way into the place of honor, but only cards and hugs followed. Maybe I have grown too cynical, but I thought someone who turned seventy deserved a gift with a lot more personalization. Guess with this cold front, she's probably happy and I sit here grousing about unknown people and their tastes in gifts.

I am going to warm some milk, add some chocolate and see if that will improve my outlook. Hope so, 'cause the temperature keeps dropping, the rain keeps plopping and the dog keeps...never mind.

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