Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I had a great laugh this week when I saw the food that was being served on board the stranded Carnival cruise ship.  SPAM, that slippery pork that was a cheap staple in many homes growing up, was airlifted to the stranded cruise ship. 

Mom would grab that release key, pull back the tin lid and tease the solid, shiny pork product out of its can. I would groan.  I hated everything about Spam.  Mom tried different ways of preparing it:  Frying it until it was crisp around the edges.  Slicing it and serving it as a cold luncheon meat.  Chopping it and adding it to scrambled eggs.  Chopping it and making ham salad out of it.  No matter how she sliced, chopped, fried or prepared it, I still hated the smell, texture and fake ham taste. 

Guess growing up through the depression, my mom appreciated the canned spiced ham from Hormel more than me.  She would never have taken a cruise, but if she did Carnival's Splendor would be her cup of tea.  Wait, they don't have hot water, so I guess that cup of tea would have to wait for a few more days.


  1. Awwwww....Monty Python would be saddened. I enjoy eggs and spam, ham and spam, toast and spam and spam, and spam and spam.....well, you know.

    Really, I do enjoy Spam. Except for the salt content. I don't like much salt at all on my food, and have more of an aversion to salt as I get older. But Spam is one of those products that you KNOW will be salty, and you expect and like that about it. I always keep a can in my pantry (as well as a stock of corned beef hash) for emergency rations; such as the other night when the fam decided to have eggs and hash browns for dinner, and found there was no sausage or bacon in the fridge. I suggested we break out the Spam and fry it up crispy, as your mom used to. Both dad and grandma said "Thanks, but no thanks". WELL! So we wound up spamless for the night, as I sure wasn't going to go to all that trouble for myself....

    And so, dad's birthday was yesterday. This weekend I think I will make him a little celebratory dinner, not Spam. I couldn't do that to him. I'll make him his favorite dessert, chocolate pie.

    Perhaps with a little spam slipped in.....:)

  2. Spam can be wonderful, and I love the fact that it tastes so fake and rubbery. Hahaha.