Saturday, November 6, 2010


With all the stuff that has been happening in our little Hicktoria, lately, I almost forgot what really is important.  It took a trip to an enormous children's hospital to jar me back to my place of appreciation for all the gifts I have been given. 

Monetary gifts in my world are just a wild dream, so those aren't the gifts that I appreciate.  Aging has taken its health tolls with me, so a springy, vibrant body have long lost its possibility for me.  Fancy cars have never been a priority to me, which is great, since those would never be possible in my world.  What blessing do I value and need to be gently reminded of, you might wonder?  Well, when I found myself in an environment with critically ill children; children with heart conditions that impact longevity; children who are non-verbal because of autism; children who spend their days in darkness because they were born blind; children who are well known due to numerous hospitalizations; and of course the parents who must rely on medical advances to ensure just one more day with their loved one, then I know that I am truly blessed to have a Grandlove with manageable health concerns.  He underwent another painless test, yesterday and we were told by the Tech that it seemed to be within normal range. 

What did I take away from the long day?  I am grateful for all the gifts that I promise not to take for granted.  Family, friends, and Bentley have been given to me by a most merciful God and I truly am grateful for His Love, which is constant, even when my appreciation wanes and a wake up call is necessary.

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  1. You are blessed. I am blessed. We both have so much to be thankful for.