Tuesday, November 9, 2010


"Sanity doesn’t suffer, ever. A clear mind is beautiful and sees only its own reflection. It bows in humility to itself; it falls at its own feet. It doesn’t add anything or subtract anything; it simply knows the difference between what’s real and what’s not. And because of this, danger isn’t a possibility. A lover of what is looks forward to everything: life, death, disease, loss…anything the mind might be tempted to call 'bad.'Life will bring us everything we need, to show us what we haven’t undone yet. Nothing outside ourselves can make us suffer. Except for our unquestioned thoughts, every place is paradise. "

~Byron Katie

Lately, I have been struggling with some personal issues and today I stopped, looked around, took a deep breath and realized that I need peace.  Peace that doesn't come from money, possessions, job security, fancy environments, or anything that can be bought.  My peace comes from way deep inside.  It comes from the act of letting go of the struggles of everyday.  Magically making life easier for me and for those whom I love can't happen, so that has to be okay.  Employment opportunities aren't controlled by any force I posses, so they are out of my hands.  Health concerns are addressed and yet the outcomes are not determined by me.

Breathing, relaxing and accepting have helped me in realizing that what is important is the fact that I am blessed to have people whom I love and love me back.  Struggling in this world has taken too much energy and I have to approach this journey with more confidence, serenity and faith.

I realize that the bumps, detours and uphill climbs will still try to sway me from my goal of peace, but I am counting on the "GPS" of faith, friends and family to guide me and keep me on my path.


  1. Isn't that the truth girl? So ... can I borrow your "GPS" when mine gets broken again? I so appreciate your perspective! ;)><>njs

  2. You know, I am part of your GPS and anytime you need a boost, you know where to find me.