Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Bentley absolutely loves the rain, mud and digging.  He feels that it is his duty to dig as much as he can, as fast as he can and for as long as there is mud.  The end result is that half of our yard winds up embedded in his thick fur.  Baths consist of water, shampoo and scrubbing.  For him baths are tolerated and not enjoyed.  He did smell wonderful after he received his bath and then his hour long comb out made his coat shine.  He goes to "his happy place" during the whole grooming process, and I try to make it as pleasant as possible.  He is so different from our Cubby, who hated moisture in the yard and adored his baths, brushing and grooming. Bentley is a good boy and makes us laugh every day.  We were saved by this little boy, with the crooked smile and happy tongue.


  1. How funny!

    My BeeBee wants to be in the cold and the wet--must be her Scottish roots. She must fancy that she is on the moors in Scotland...

    She wishes!

    Cute pictures of your very cute buddy!

    Glad you're back!

  2. What a sweetie!

    We won't even discuss how my beloved felines feel about the recent deluge...