Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I love pictographs that pretty much tell a story.  On the left, we have a picture of a bull rider and on the right we have a picture of how profitable this bull riding experience has been for VISD's dance team members.  Parents and students worked very hard for many years to help at this bull riding event, so that the profits could pay for the dancers' expenses.  What has come out very recently, is that the bull riding event, where beer was sold, was NOT a profitable event for the drill team members after all. 

Hmmm, who made money on this event and why was it used by VISD for the last many years?  Did the fact that Bo Davis is related to the director come into play?   It would seem to any reasonable person that maybe if one year didn't turn a profit then it would be questionable whether all the hard work the dancers and families devoted was worth it. Give it one more chance?  Sure, but if no profit was shown, then it looks like other ways of making money would be used. 

How does one person have so much power to keep the bull riding event as a perceived help?  Was no one looking at the books, or where the Stepford dancers/families just believing all the hype? 


  1. I think we are livig in an episode of "The Twilight Zone". It's the one where the little girl and her things fall off the bed and roll under it into the fourth dimension.

  2. what drama! i guess to each his/her own....
    personally, i wish the news media/powers that be would put half as much time and energy into the actual academics in our schools as they do all these extra-curricular events…how smart would our student be then???? ;)><>njs

  3. In VISD it doesn't matter what the true substance is, it's all about appearance.