Sunday, August 15, 2010


This marketing skill illustrated above is pretty clever. 

Victoria Independent School District used to be able to tell students how to dress for the best educational experience, and it looks like they are giving it a shot again.  I hope that the administration will back up the teachers who deal with the students who will try to "buck" the system.  If the rules are broken and the students are sent to the office, let's hope that the students are held accountable, no matter who they are or what role their parents play in our community.

I graduated decades ago, so I know that I am old; however when I went to VISD schools we were told what to wear.   We complied with the rules or we suffered the consequences at school and home.  Our parents backed the schools in their rules and regulations and we were held accountable on both fronts.  Girls weren't allowed to wear slacks, pants or shorts and guess what, we learned what was taught by the teachers.  We studied and took pride in our academic success, school clubs and school spirit.  On Fridays, we wore red and white and adorned our notebooks with all the spirit ribbons we bought. 

The Victoria Advocate has been stirring the pot with the polls about dress codes and publishing incomplete rules concerning the dress codes.  I don't know what the purpose of the poll was, except to create a whirlwind of controversy. 

Individuals will still maintain their unique personalities, whether they look like the other kids in the school.  For those of us who actually work in the real world, we have been following dress codes all along.  It's just a fact of life:  Rules are written and if not followed, then consequences follow.

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