Sunday, August 8, 2010


Tomorrow is my second chance at new sight. If all goes as well as the first surgery, I will be able to see better than I have for over half a century.  Imagine being able to glance at a bedside clock in the middle of night and seeing the time; absolutely delightful.  Imagine being able to take a shower and actually see what bottle you grab to wash your hair; unbelievable.  Imagine being able to roll and see the smile of your Grandlove upon waking; precious beyond words.  Imagine glancing up at the television and being able to read the program guide, without squinting; nice. 

Unless you've struggled with seeing it would be difficult to know what a gift newly restored sight is.  If you're down in the dump, think no one is happy or just what a free smile:  Show up at the Eye Center Tuesday morning and you'll be amazed how wide smiles can be when the world comes into focus for those of us who undergo the surgery on Monday.


  1. How lucky you are! I'll try to check on you tonight...

    You're going to do well.

  2. Hope all goes well, Ferret.

    Guess those peepers have to be sharp in order for you to keep ferreting out those snakes in the grass, eh?

    Best of luck.

  3. A bit of setback, but tomorrow should be bring better sight. Hope my sight will become as sharp as my tongue/wit.