Thursday, August 12, 2010


My eye troubles and the doctors' visits have me feeling stupid, insecure, scared and a little frustrated.  I've had numerous drops; horribly bright light shone in my eyes; machines poking for pressure; waiting rooms to occupy; many miles to travel; foreign buildings to find;  parking to pay for; and still no answers.  It doesn't help that the parts of my eye that COULD be running amok are foreign sounding to me and the "Hmmm"s that doctors are murmuring and shaking their heads in frustration of not having answers.  We go back to the doctor in downtown Houston today (two and half hours drive with half of it in a major city); find the parking garage; and then hopefully receive treatment to restore my clear sight.  It might be as simple as a needle withdraw and injection of antibiotics or surgery.  In either case, nothing by mouth since midnight and the appointment is late this afternoon.  Which is worse, the dirty screen I'm seeing through or the smells of breakfast?  Don't ask at this point.

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