Sunday, July 18, 2010


Time and circumstances have brought the X factor into our lives. Daily situations are complicated enough, but now whenever we include our daughter and her son in our lives we have to deal with the X factor. X has to be considered before we can plan on seeing our Grandlove. X has to be consulted before out of town visits with us can be co-ordinated. X is all powerful, as X can demand more parental involvement at a whim. So, we are careful to keep X happy, non-threatening, and co-operative.

Personally, I believe that if X had been more plugged-in, gentle, and less angry in the previous years, this blog wouldn't exist.

Too little, too late and my inner voice is screaming, "WARNING! WARNING! Calm, co-operative manner is a cover-up for destructive agenda!"

Yes, of course I realize that my X factor comes into play, also. My main focus has always been on my Grandlove, so nothing has changed there. With me, I don't hide my emotions, feeling or opinions.

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