Tuesday, July 27, 2010


When we went out to lunch at Olive Garden, we discovered that we had brought along one serious, little eater with us.  He didn't want to wait for the bread sticks, salad, or entree.  His little bowl was empty and so was his supply of patience.  Thank goodness we were prepared with a fruit cup that served as his appetizer.  Didn't realize that this fair-haired little guy would so love Italian food, but that really shouldn't surprise anyone in our family, as we are all pasta lovers.  Any form of pasta pleased our little guy; from gnocchi to lasagna he enjoyed it all.  Italian green beans, kidney beans, cheese and a bit more of peaches topped off his lunch.  People stopped and spoke to him and even though he smiled around mouthfuls of lunch, nothing stopped his eating.  Finally, I was instructed by his mom to stop feeding him, because he really had eaten enough for his little tummy.  He didn't fuss when the dishes disappeared, the bib was removed and his spoon was cleaned. 

Our lunch involved wonderful company, delicious food, and pleasant conversation that was seasoned with smiles and laughter. Who could ask for a better lunch?  Not us, and surely not our little guy who enjoyed the experience.

Fruit Cup brought from home:      $    .35
Dinner at Olive Garden:               $35.00
Stress free time with loved ones:  PRICELESS

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