Monday, July 26, 2010


When we traveled to an unfamiliar area to a medical facility, we utilized GPS, google maps and written directions.  Finally, my hubby parked and we approached the building, only to find signs posted all around the parking lot.  All of this made me consider the other situations that we encounter every day, that don't necessarily have their own awareness signs.  What kind of sign might be helpful?

With that thought in mind, here are some unmarked areas in which one should remain on high alert:


  • Forget speed reduction in the streets surrounding the school, think about the peer pressure those poor kids suffer through every day. Shouldn't there be signs to alert the parents of the "acceptable" mode of dress to be considered cool, acceptable, etc.?   Who wants their child considered an outcast, when the solution could be as simple as tucking in a shirt or wearing plaids with other patterns?  This sign would be one of the scrolling kind, since what is "in" one day isn't the next.  Stay alert for updates.

  • How about a sign to let the parents know how to que in the drop off/pickup lanes:  Honking horns not allowed and please turn off your loud, smelly diesel engines. 

  • We all have our own musical entertainment systems, so we don't mind NOT hearing your favorite singer:  Bass is PART of your musical pleasure, but when your stereo's bass is vibrating my car windows, turn it down.  We are not amused or impressed. 

  • If you are an older sibling assigned to the task: We realize that you love edgy music, so turn it down, because really we don't need to hear all the foul language you find musical.


  • When you leave a cart in the middle of the aisle, so you can visit with someone else, YOU ARE BLOCKING TRAFFIC.  Do you really need a sign that says:  Some people actually need to complete their shopping trip in a timely manner, so MOVE IT.

  • Everyone understands that sometimes children can get cranky shopping, but when the child goes into a full-blown hizzie-fit, please handle it.   There's a HUGE difference between a tired, hungry baby and a child who pitches a fit for a desired purchase.  You all know what I'm talking about.  If you don't handle hizzie-fits when that child is young, you are creating a self-centered, self-absorbed adult who will be miserable and make sure everyone else pays for their misery.  There are many parents who have chosen to use the shopping experience as a teaching moment.In fact, I heard a father addressing his child as they exited the grocery store, "When you whine, that doesn't mean that you will get your way.  In fact, quite the opposite will probably happen."  For those who don't understand the significance of day-to-day behavior here's your sign:  HELPING YOUR CHILD BECOME A HAPPY ADULT, MIGHT MEAN YOU STAND YOUR GROUND, NOW.

  • Unload your cart and then put the divider after your items, because sometimes the person behind you can't reach those elusive markers.  You don't have to do that, but it is nice to walk up to a check out counter and find your place ready for you.  So a little reminder sign:  Be nice and put the divider after your last item, as you probably can reach that divider easier than someone behind you.

  • Smile and be courteous to all the people who work in the store, even if you aren't greeted with as much warmth as you'd like.  You'd be surprised how quickly a warm, genuine smile can melt an icy attitude of a checker.  You never know what has just occurred to that person and you might just be the highlight of their day.  Kind of scary, huh?  Well, with that in mind, here's your sign:  Be as nice as you can muster and share a smile.  Smiles are free and you'll feel better.


  • For all relationships, there are basic signs that say it all: CAUTION, HANDLE WITH CARE and of course FRAGILE.  There are also unique signs for our situations, such as CHILDREN AT PLAY, YIELD TO RIGHT OF WAY, and DO NOT DISTURB.  Think about your relationships and all the signs that direct you into positive behavior.

I am reminded of an old song, "Signs, Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs" which was a negative view of signs, but I find comfort in signs keeping me away from conflicts, dangers and social missteps.  How about you?

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  1. Great blog, and makes one think.

    My sign for today - If I have a phone on each ear, juggling a conference call and an instrument troubleshooting support tech on each, then DON'T ask me if I can look at something, speak to someone else, or otherwise DISTURB ME! For chrissakes, CAN'T YOU SEE I'M BUSY??!!

    Yeesh.....and on a full moon on a Monday in a hospital. Gee whillikers, of course I don't have enough to do. Throw something else at me. Why not????

    Yep, people, here's yer sign....