Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Being the reader that I am, I sometimes read faster than my favorite authors can write, which leads me on a quest to find another author who can provide my daily requirement of reading pleasure.

Some years back, I enjoyed a movie so when I spotted the book at a book sale, I decided that I might want to read the original story. Rather than starting with the first book in the series, however, I began my journey with the last one. After all, I already knew how it all ended, so I wanted to see the beginning. Sound confusing? Well, you'd have to read the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood to understand. In the third book, the reader is taken on a journey back to the time before there was even a Ya-Ya; even before there was a wonderful friendship of these four women. Now, I am in the middle of the first book and my understanding of the characters is much deeper and richer thanks to my unorthodox reading method.

So far, I have had my personal memories tingled, my laughter jiggled, and my curiosity teased. Most nights my drooping eyelids betray my need to read more of the adventures captured by this wonderful author. Honestly, I don't know if men would understood the friendship aspects described in this book; they probably would go to a place that would soil the intention of the author. You would enjoy these books, if you have experienced friendships that have seen your "dark" sides and still hold you close to their hearts. True friends don't just love you when your makeup is perfect, your words sing, and your smile is flawless; they love you with warts and all. That's what is so magical about true friends; they support you, they celebrate you and yet they keep you true to yourself. Rebecca Wells is the conductor of the stories that have charmed my heart and soothed my fevered brow.

Not too long ago I came across a cute looking book that had two basset dogs on the front and the catchy title was Roll Over and Play Dead. What the heck, I plopped down my fifty cents and took the book home. It was a fun read and made me want to explore the writings of this author even more. I have just finished her last book, "Mummy Dearest" and highly recommend her writings if you like murder mysteries with humor, not too much gore and characters who are developed throughout the years. Joan Hess is the author and you can easily find her books at your local library.

As I take my medication and continue on my path of healing, I have my two new friends (see above authors) to accompany me on my journey to better health. They are new to me, but I wanted to share their words with you all and hope that you might find some pleasure in their work.


  1. I loved the movie! It had Sandra Buloock in it, and Maggie Smith and all those other grand dames. It was good!