Monday, May 17, 2010


This week has been packed full of changes, medical procedures and care-taking. Before I left for the Kids', I prepared the week's menu, shopped for the ingredients, and precooked meat for the later in the week meals. Chicken spaghetti and baked potato soup were simmering as we packed the car. A portion was divided out to be left home for hubby's meals. Coolers kept the evening's meal ready for the tired girl when she would get home from work.

When I arrived at my daughter's, all the "goodies" were unloaded and appreciated by the kids. Chicken spaghetti was served and we enjoyed an yummy "Last Meal" before surgery the next morning.

Snuggling with my grandlove and hugs from my daughter compensated me for the effort of providing the care, food and baby care. Since the surgery was scheduled for early Monday morning, kisses and hugs were received before sunshine brightened my room. By the time my grandlove and I were well into our morning routine, the Kids returned. Amazingly, only three hours after the surgery, everyone was home, a bit groggy, and hurting, but home nevertheless.

The pain pump delivered enough Novocain to keep the surgery site numb and gentle moving helped to minimize the amount of pain. Oral medication was needed on top of the pain pump by the second day, but that was to be expected, from the research we had done.

Wednesday, the nonproductive cough my daughter had been experiencing took a change for the worse. A trip to the doctor, lung x-rays, breathing treatments, and medication were used to fight the bronchitis that had developed. By the afternoon, we were exhausted, but at least we felt that the complete mending process would continue.

Nuzzling with my little grandlove is what I miss the most, when I leave. His sweetness and soft, inquiring touches are so beautiful. When he looks at me (nose to nose) I see the whole world in his eyes. He is beautiful and such a tender little guy. What was sad, is when my daughter couldn't hold him (because of the recent surgery) so we made sure that we cuddled her neck. Not picking up her baby, is the most difficult post surgery order to follow.

When I returned home, my sinus infection traveled to my lungs and by today I made it into the doctor's office. My own version of brochitis will be treated with prescriptions, rest and fluids.

Now that I am home, I will be able to have more time to blog and spend time on the computer. In fact, I didn't even take the computer with me to the Grandlove's, because finger foods, juice cups and banging on pans is more fun than typing. There are some things that are not as much fun as typing, but those dirty diapers just won't change themselves.

Thank you for all the positive energy, prayers and good wishes sent our way. We appreciate it and know that it all makes a difference.

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  1. So glad for a successful outcome. I hope you are on the mend, as well.

    What a week for you!