Saturday, May 22, 2010


Yesterday, I decided to treat my hubby and me to one of our favorite dinners, homemade Chicken Pot Pie. Simply delicious and so easy to put together. I am not a chef, but here's an easy breezy, yummy dinner that is well received by all. Enjoy and experiment on your own.

**pre-made deep dish pie crusts, but you can make your own. (you need a top and bottom crust)

While you're getting all the other ingredients together/prepared,
**bake the bottom crust as per instruction on the package, until it's light brown.

**Boil/pressure cook chicken,debone, and cut into bite-size pieces.
(When I cook the chicken I add cut up celery and onion. This celery and onion I then add to the other ingredients for the potpie. I save the broth and freeze it if not using in the next couple of days.
I used chicken breasts, since it's quicker to debone, and I like the white meat. One large breast or equivalent amount of your chicken.)
**One can cream of mushroom soup.
**One can cream of chicken soup/or one can cream of celery soup.
**One WELL-DRAINED can of mixed vegetables.
**Season with pepper (you probably won't need salt with all the canned salt.
**3/4 CUP Of shredded cheese (cheddar, Asiago, or whatever you choose.)

Combine all wet ingredients, chicken and pepper in a large bowl, mix well. Transfer to baked bottom crust, spread evenly and then spread cheese over top of all. The top crust is then secured and the edges crimped. Carefully place pie on cookie sheet, as there probably will be some that escapes.

Bake at 425 degrees until top crust is done. All your ingredients (as well as the bottom crust are finished, so you are really just baking the top crust.)

As soon as it comes out, you can eat, but of course watch out, because it is VERY HOT. Leftovers are okay, but that first time you eat it, it's the best. Crispy, hot, perfect consistency and your mouth will be in love with you.

Enjoy, but watch out. Chicken Pot Pie can be addictive.


  1. Wow that picture and that list of ingredients is making me hungry.

    And I just got through eating leftovers of enchiladas, rice, and beans....

    Somehow I wish I had chicken pot pie instead. Excellent idea for this coming week, Ferret.

    Grandmother's favorite comfort food is my chicken and dumplings. "Best in Texas", she says. Chicken is so versatile; you could prepare a different dish every day for a year and never duplicate.

    Dad loves either roast beef or beef tips with gravy over rice.

    Rice, rice at every meal. We have rice. Sometimes it feels like I am swimming in rice here. Dad loves it and eats it all the time, with just about EVERYTHING. Some of my family have small-ish, squinty eyes. Sometimes I wonder......

    I'm not sayin' nothin'. I'm just sayin'...

  2. That's funny, Sugar!

    I love chicken pot pie, too, and my grandmother made the very best chicken and dumplings. She would make rolled dumplings and let them dry on newspaper. They were so thin, you could see the print through them. But when they were dry, she'd plop them in the bubbling broth, and they would plump up so nicely.

    mmmmmm! Home cooking!

  3. My grandmother, my mom, my daughter and I all make Spaetzle and chicken. Mom taught me the recipe, and it's still one of our comfort foods to this day. When my duaghter gets lonsesome for her Nana or me, she'll make these and her tummy hums.

  4. I haven't had chicken pot pie in so long I almost forget what it tastes like. One of my favorite comfort meals. Thank you so much for the recipe.