Saturday, October 23, 2010


We have new schools in our town and yet, we haven't figured out that people will walk the shortest distance to get from point A to point B, whether it is safe or not.  There are three new schools on major roads and the students don't want to walk any further than possible to arrive home. 

From the school on John Stockbauer, we have students crossing in the middle of the road, rather than walk a half of a block to the corner and then cross at the light.  Geeze, have people not heard that obseity is killing the youth and a little extra distance to walk would be a very good thing?  It's not like there's four feet of snow with hills to climb.  Give the kids tickets for jaywalking and haul their lazy rears off to the pokey if the tickets aren't paid.  Can't afford a ticket, then pull up your breeches and walk to the corner, wait for the light and cross the intersection like a civilized human being.  Crossing guards have been suggested, but who will pay for that position and what happens when the kids are a few blocks from the school with no crossing guard?  These aren't grade school kids, for crying out loud! 

Now, as far as West High School, the parents over there are parking on the side of the road and waiting for their precious children to walk to the major highway.  These are not lanes for parking and tickets should be issued to  people who are too impatient to follow the direcitons and pickup at the schools.  Place "No Parking" signs and have a police officer ticket these people who are putting lives in danger because of their inability to go with the flow. 

Darting across major roadways brings to mind a video game, "Frogger."  Hearing and seeing the splat when the ornery frog attempts to defy common sense to dodge the flow of traffic is off-putting.  Maybe we should revise this game and give the ignorant people frog costumes as they create their own paths home.  Jay-Walker versus a vehicle, no suspense there, just one less ignorant person.


  1. You know, high school kids aren't the only ones taking the shortest route to walk to or from school. The following is not something I didn't expect to see, just the first time I have.

    Yesterday about 9:40 am, while driving thru the Red River Construction, sure enough three students came out of the Citizens parking lot and crossed Red River in the middle of the block, to get to class at UHV I assume.

    So much for the half way completed sidewalk project, did anyone really think the Jaguar Hall residents would walk down to Ben Jordon and cross at the light? Of course not, not when Hospital drive is right across from the Hall.

    I take it the students crossed Houston Hwy, mid block to,well they are college students, I guess they can figure out how to cross a street.

  2. Folks are just idiots, but let's not forget the idiots that didn't provide adequate in and out facilities for the new schools. I don't think you could build a shopping center that size iwth just one 'in and out'. I don't know, maybe you can.

    Cost cutting measures for sure. Just sit and wait--we'll be hearing about more and more things that are lacking, or too small or need fixing...