Saturday, October 23, 2010



A short while ago, my daughter and I happened upon a car show that took my breath away with the jolt back to my childhood.  I remember my mom's car that was this same year, make, model and color.  If this doesn't "date" me, then you don't know cars.  The fifties had cars that were really memory makers for many of my generation.  Riding in one of these metal (not fiberglass, plastic or flimsy material here, folks) machines  made me feel secure, safe and happy.  My mom drove with a "lead foot" and one of her brothers referred to her as a gypsy, as we were always on the go.  Guess my DNA for moving comes naturally, then, huh?  All my memories wouldn't be appropriate for a "Happy Days" episode, but memories are good about easing some of the pain and magnifying the fun of childhood for me. 

I took more pics at the car show, but this car was the one that made me smile, inside and out.  Just wanted to share.