Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Our sweet Grandlove was marked with the sign of Christ,  recently.   We've known all along that God has a special purpose designed for him, even before this moving event.  Our little guy speaks volumes with his smile, chubby fingers and determined facial expressions. 

Although his speech is a bit delayed due to a temporary hearing loss, he is able to communicate.  No, he doesn't use American Sign Language for his communication needs; it's more of unique sounds, facial expressions and hand motions.  He was fascinated with the minister's "headset" and before the religious aspect of the ceremony could even begin, the equipment was grabbed by the quick, little hands of our guy.  This innocent exploration caused the congregation to laugh at how fast he was; if they only knew all the "quick saves" his sweet momma has anticipated on a daily basis.  His curiosity in the world will benefit him, once he's able to hear language clearly.  By this time next year, we'll probably be saying, "If only he would not talk so much."  Until that time, we will make sure that he is exposed to a rich environment and keep dangers out of his reach. 

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